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The Power of Resilience and Self-Leadership: Lessons from Michelle Mras

In this episode of The Joy of Living Show, host Barry Shore sits down with special guest Michelle Mras to discuss the importance of resilience, self-leadership, and maintaining a positive attitude in life. Michelle shares her personal journey towards discovering these values and how they have helped her overcome obstacles and achieve success. She emphasizes that everyone already possesses resilience within themselves and encourages listeners to embrace their “toddler mindset” of trying, falling, and getting back up again. Michelle also shares her own “Unbelieve Story” and how it shaped her into the person she is today. Additionally, she talks about the importance of living unapologetically and finding one’s own purpose in life. As a coach and founder of Unapologetic Speaker Camp, Michelle helps others find their message and deliver it with impact and love. Tune in to this inspiring conversation and discover how you too can lead a more resilient, self-led, and positive life.

Michelle Mras PHD

Do you feel stuck? Do you feel as if your life is standing still? You want to accomplish things in life, in business, but you are unable to get out of the deep rut dug by your self-limiting beliefs. Sometimes, all we need is a little direction, a little push. I AM that push.

Show Notes:

[8.50] Resilience

  • Resilience is the ability to get back up.
  • Everybody is looking for resilience, but we already have it.
  • Embrace your toddler mindset
  • Everything in this world is resilient.
  • The moment we walked & crawled as a baby; it was resilience.
  • Resilience is not looking for other people to tell us how to do it
  • Resilience is when someone does it, I can do it.
  • No one else has done it… Great. I’ll figure out my own way
  • Michelle Unbelieve Story from [11.11] to [17.04]

Gift: Godly Inspiration Facilitating Transformation

[22.22] Unapologetic

  • Someone asked me how do you live your life?
  • I said, I live Unapologetically.
  • They asked so you don’t apologize.
  • I said no, everything I do is purposeful.
  • I’m not apologetic for anything because I am doing it from Love.
  • We’ve to play in the games we’re supposed to play.
  • We’re supposed to show up as we are.
  • No one promised tomorrow so live today!

[26.41] Self Leadership

  • If you can’t lead yourself to a good decision, you’re not a leader.
  • If I can’t control myself then how am I supposed to help anyone else?
  • Self-leadership is doing the hard things to yourself
  • People love to tell other people what to do.
  • Tell yourself what to do.
  • I feed my happy pill & I give myself my own happy pills.
  • There is a give and take in everything we do.
  • We all have choices.

[34.56] Positive Attitude

  • If you’re hiring somebody, would you hire a person who’s grumpy?
  • No matter what’s going on, there’s got to be some glimmer of goodness & light.
  • There’s something to learn in everything we do.
  • What one thing I can do? That’s the positive attitude.
  • Positive attitude can get you through pretty much anything.

[39.15] Unapologetic Speaker Camp

  • I help people find their messages so they can impact people faster
  • Unapologetic speaker camp is honing your message so you can deliver it in multiple avenues
  • IF: Impact Faster
  • LAW: Love and Wisdom
  • If you don’t have a positive attitude, nothing else works.

[44.09] What is it that enables the brain (the hemisphere) to rejoin?

  • It was massive therapy & food.
  • It was nutrition that helped my body.
  • Positive attitude begins the process of recognition.
  • If I saw violence on TV, my brain would shut off.

[48.10] 3 Questions

  • Will you come back again?
  • YES, of course.
  • What is your most fervent desire?
  • More love & more joy in everyone. And it’s a choice. We all can make that choice.
  • May I give you a HUG?
  • Yes!!!!

HUG: Heartfelt Unlimited Giving

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About Dr. Michelle Mras

Michelle Mras is an award-winning, internationally recognized inspirational speaker, published #1 Best Selling Author, intuitive leader, wife, and mother who has been stirring audiences and individuals to action through her compelling message of self-leadership, resilience, and living a life of intention. Michelle‘s infectious presentations and coaching inspire her clients to rise above negative self-talk to reclaim their inner grit.

Michelle encourages you to be your best version every day and live unapologetically. Her fiery spirit and passion drive her to candidly share the key moments that transformed her into the irresistible force she is today.