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The Power of Simplicity with David Fagan

The Power of Simplicity with David Fagan

Secrets of Wealth, Health and Prosperity.

Henry Ford said: “If I had given the people what they want, I would have provided a bigger, stronger horse.” However, how many of us truly comprehend the impact of I need YOU? We’re on a mission to offer you joy, and our guest today has the power to fundamentally change the way you see the world. Common sense, as they say, is not so common, but he exposes a SECRET that is. After learning this secret from his friend Jay, David Fagan’s life was forever altered. He also discusses how YOU can make people care. It is undoubtedly one of the most vital abilities to learn in the entire world. Businesses spend millions of dollars trying to discover the answer. Listen to this episode extra carefully.

Show Notes:

[11.19] How do you get people care

When you’re a leader so much is just getting people to care about you.

I’m taking people to Kenya for some projects.

That happened because we got some people to care.

These people care enough to invest time, money, and resources.

Getting people care is also tied to another four-letter word: WANT.

A big part of our jobs in business, marketing, sales etc. is getting people to want.

It’s like dating. You want people to want you. How do you become more want-able?

You want to be worthy of want.

Good marketing creates want.

[17.05] I want but what’s the big deal? What’s in it for me – how does that help if I care more?

A lot of times, people don’t even know what they want.

They don’t know what’s possible, they don’t even know what the potential is.

Henry Ford: ``If I'd have given people what they wanted, I’d have given a bigger stronger horse.”

The power of I need YOU.

[21.20] David Fagan workshops

One of our books: “Becoming Significant.”

Not everybody knows or admits this, but we all want to be significant.

We all want a meaningful and fulfilling life.

And how do we create that meaningful life?

How we talk to ourselves – the words we use are important.

How to get people to take actions and these can be all kinds of micro steps such as clicking, commenting, and sharing etc.

And that’s only possible by letting people know that I need you.

Barry’s Note: If you want to be a super significant person and make a difference in the world, then the secret is: TAKE ACTIONS. Since over 98% of people don’t take action. 

Barry Shore: Action is the essence of the Winner.

[25.31] Now that people acted – how do we keep it going?

Momentum is a very interesting thing.

If you’d two-three-four things go wrong, it’s like AH everything! – what a bad day.

And similarly, if you’ve several things going right, it’s like I’m unstoppable.

So of course, we want to get positive momentum.

We need to keep getting those wins and helping people see those wins.

[35.09] How do you bring people the awareness that it’s for their benefit to stretch themselves?

There are different types of setups such as some form of marketing and advertisements.

You’re not able to do as much because it’s a short video or sentences.

It’s just a quick way to elicit some emotions and get people’s attention.

But to do it in a meaningful way you really let everything set up.

Meaning, how do you define success and what might you accomplish that would make you feel most successful.

It is important to have questions to figure out what they’re driven by.

[48.11] What’s the one idea that sticks with you and that enabled you to become wiser?

It was really the idea to make complex things simple.

Sometimes as experts we want to show off. We use a certain amount of industry jargon etc.

Jay believed that you couldn’t get somebody to care or want if they couldn’t understand it.

A confused buyer is not a buyer.

We have conflicts because we don’t understand each other.

And once we start really connecting and making things less complex – it’s key to world peace.

And I took this teaching from Jay, whenever I do anything writing etc.

Jay used to joke we got a Homer Simpson Ness. We need to make it so simple that Homer Simpson can understand

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About David Fagan

David Fagan is the former CEO of Guerrilla Marketing and spent the last 10+ years as Talent Management Agent publishing and publicizing everyone from Hollywood celebrities to indie authors to public speakers.

David is practices everything he preaches with his own best selling books, big stage speaking spots and media interviews including Fox and Friends, the Today Show, Neal Cavuto, The Doctors Show, 2 times Forbes, the Washington Post, USA Today and the Los Angeles Tribune to name only a few.

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