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The science behind law of attraction

The Science Behind Law of Attraction

There are a lot of people who talk about the law of attraction, but not many of them really know what they’re talking about. The law of attraction is a powerful tool that can help you manifest your dreams and goals, but only if you understand how it works. Today we’re joined by Natasha Graziano, who’s the only person in the world able to back up the law of attraction with scientific evidence. She also talks about some ancient secrets of breathing which are transformative and will change your life.  The key to using the law of attraction effectively is to focus on what you want, and take action towards your goal. When you do this, the Universe will align itself to help you achieve your goal. She also talks about some of her most difficult times in her life, and how she used the law of attraction to turn her life around. If you’re looking for some guidance on how to use the law of attraction, or just want to hear an inspiring story, this is the episode for you!

Book Cover - Natasha Graziano

Be It Until You Become It: The Law of Attraction Explained Through Neuroscience and Ancient Wisdom

Show Notes:

[9.00] Mindfulness

  • It’s about having the fullness of the mind.
  • Understanding how you’re at the center of your world.
  • If you don’t feel good about yourself, how can you show up with a glass half full?
  • Four important elements to be mindful of: What are you listening to, what are you ingesting, what are you watching, what are you reading.

[14.22] When you came under the womb, were you like this or did you go through the process to get here?

  • I was exactly as you right now.
  • I was who I’m today.
  • But I didn’t know I’d be a motivational speaker and a mindset coach.
  • If something is truly yours, it will stay with you.
  • I learned to have an amazing toolbox in life.
  • Being able to pause in moments where we’d usually be reactive and in fact be proactive.
  • And I’ve learned to say thank you to every experience.

[23.11] Rising Above

  • If you’re dedicated to your goal, your mission and your purpose – there’s no external energy that comes in and takes it from you.
  • What you truly believe in will really happen.
  • What you put out into this invisible substance is (the science of getting rich and Joseph Murphy also talks about it)
  • The invisible substance is all around us, it’s like energy.
  • Whether we know it, like it or not.
  • When we put our thoughts into this invisible substance, naturally every thought has a frequency whether it’s positive or negative.
  • Universe just externalizes it.
  • If we have a true feeling behind it.

[28.00] Pathways to mindfulness

  • When you feel stuck the very first thing to do is to rewire your brain through unlearning what you know to grow.
  • You’ve to reverse engineer.
  • I ask my clients what they want to be in the next five years?
  • And around that I draw out the thoughts of that person.
  • What thoughts with that version of me have?
  • Around that I draw my feelings.
  • How would that version of me feel every day?
  • And around that you write actions that version of you would have
  • That version of you is away from you… so you feel stuck.
  • If you want to feel unstuck, then you’ve to be it until you become it today.
  • Pathway one is to decide who you want to be today?
  • The second pathway to getting unstuck is meditation.

[33.01] Be it until You Become it

  • The subtitle is the law of attraction defined through neuroscience and ancient wisdom.
  • Let’s find something you want to attract such as a particular goal etc.
  • There’s a part in your brain called the reticular activating system and it filters two million bits of data every second.
  • How it works is it shows you anything that you deem as important.
  • And if you’re focusing on it, I don’t feel worthy of finding love.
  • Then your reticular activating system is going to show evidence around you in all kinds of events that your belief system about not feeling worthy is true.
  • But if I change it to, I’m worthy.
  • I don’t feel it but I’m going to BE IT. and your reticular activating system shows evidence around you.

[41.22] Confidence

  • Confidence come from within and not from without
  • Confidence is something that you’re, not what you think you’re.
  • But what you deeply and truly believe about yourself.
  • But here’s a secret: “It doesn’t matter whether it’s true or not!”
  • So, if you truly believe you’re confident even if it’s not true…
  • It will become true!
  • We influence ourselves through our thoughts.

[48.55] MBS Meditation

  • Meditation is scientifically proven to raise your immunity, better your health and to lower your blood pressure.
  • A decade ago, I was sent away to a monastery by my parents.
  • They said spend time and learn humility.
  • At that time, I rebelled against it and I hated it.
  • I was cleaning toilets every day and being looked after.
  • And every day I wanted to run away.
  • And one of the days I tried to escape and I looked over onto a mountain.
  • I could see this old man and he looked like an older Yogi.
  • He was doing exercise; his chest was going in and out.
  • Something like breath techniques.
  • I came close to him one day and he said come over.
  • And he taught me how to breathe. He called it an ancient breathing technique.
  • Pranayama Breathing.
  • The breath can either heal you or kill you.
  • Over a decade, I was ill, and I was looking for a way of healing.
  • I get given up all hope and it was suicidal.
  • In those days I lost my full sparkle.
  • And that’s when I found the address of this old Yogi.
  • Who I thought was 70 years old but turns out he’s a hundred and four years old.
  • MBS stands for meditational behavioral synchronicity.
  • And it’s all the power of breathing!

Insider Tips:

Over the last two years, the workplace has seen some drastic changes to accommodate for working from home. Many organizations were forced to expedite their digital transformations, thus introducing new advanced technologies. The issue that continues to be raised by this rapid transformation is the difficulty of finding candidates with the right set of skills.

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  • What is an apprenticeship?
  • How do apprenticeships help address the labor shortage and create a more equitable workforce?
  • What types of skills does a person need to apply to the apprenticeship program?
  • Why was it important for IBM to start a program like this?
  • Do you have any examples of IBM apprenticeships?
  • Where can listeners go to learn more?

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