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Transform Your Life through Effective Coaching with Jacob Rupp

Transform Your Life through Effective Coaching with Jacob Rupp

Are you feeling lost and without direction? Do your fears of success prevent you from achieving more in life? If so, then this episode is meant for you! Hear how to start moving forward again and begin overcoming the obstacles that have been holding you back. Even if you’re not sure whether or not fear of success affects you, today’s episode is still worth a listen. We’ve invited Jacob Rupp to discuss the concept and provide insight on how to overcome it. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain insight from Jacob and Barry Shore on how to identify if you have a fear of success, as well as the various forms it can take in your life. Furthermore, dig deeper into their revolutionary concept – ‘eight and eight’, which means generating $8,000 within 8 weeks! Don’t hesitate any longer – sign up now for an invaluable lesson that could be the key to unlocking greater accomplishment. So tune in and listen to this episode as they go over a variety of topics that can help you understand your fear of success. Jacob has helped countless people like you to make success in business and life, and he’s here to share his expertise with us. Don’t miss out on this episode!

Rupp Group 8to8 Coaching

Coaches, consultants, therapists, authors, speakers, non profit professionals, teachers…

Candidly, anyone who loves helping others and does this professionally!

If you’re reading this, it means you’re an entrepreneurially minded professional…who loves helping people…and is looking to create dramatically more income for yourself in a short period of time.

Show Notes:

[9.54] Coaching and Entrepreneurship

  • People listening to this podcast are choosing to learn
  • They’re choosing to expedite and create change in their life from someone
  • People want to see evidence – does this stuff work
  • In America, there’s tremendous Reliance on education
  • If you’re coach, then you’ve to invest in coaches
  • Change: Evidence based

[13.56] Rabbi, Coaching and Entrepreneurship

  • Blue Ocean Strategy – Book
  • Another book talks about this concept: Hedgehog Concept
  • Jacob’s deep story about religious [15.09] to [19.01]
  • Barry Shore: If the Bible comes from God, then it must be of benefit to people.
  • The better that you’re the less you talk
  • If you can learn how to silence and create space for others to ask a few insightful questions
  • Coaching is drawing forth from someone else
  • Best way to help people is to create a vehicle for them to find the tools themselves
  • Why is coaching expensive when I already have the tools?
  • The best headsets in the world, all they do is eliminate the most noise
  • Best coaches are like the cleanest mirror possible

Barry Shore: In Business the word You comes before the I.

Barry Shore: Everybody already has the tools they need to be successful

[24.59] How do you enable people to become entrepreneurs?

  • Eight and Eight system are the effective program will deliver money quickly
  • Eight and Eight: Eight thousand dollars in Eight week
  • We’ve a system to cut everything out except focusing on cash flow
  • Story [25.57] to [26.20]
  • Sales is the highest calling in the world
  • A lot of leaders are afraid of success

[33.36] Fear of Success

  • Four things stop a person from succeeding

1.     Fear of Failure
2.    Fear of Success
3.    Imposter Syndrome
4.    A lack of clear path

  • Mind blowing secret shared from [34.01] to [35.27]

[40.00] Lie of Big Education

  • People creating the systems are getting incredibly wealthy off the system they’re creating
  • Is education built to give people pubs or has education become this trillion-dollar industry?
  • Societal addiction to being ready and paying millions of dollars to make a few thousands back

[45.55] The ability to integrate into one’s life

  • The biggest thing people must ask themselves is what do they want
  • The untrained person would ask themselves what I need or what I do not want.
  • A lot of people deal with procrastination because they’re living need-based life
  • Number one thing is to get incredibly clear on what you want
  • Number two is to assume that you deserve it
  • And then get to work to seek it
  • Barry Shore: Speaking in negative literally ruin your life

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About Jacob Rupp

Jacob Rupp is the founder of the Rupp Group, an executive coaching and coaching training company.

With over a decade of experience working with leaders and companies ranging from start ups to those with over a billion dollar valuation in a wide range of industries including tech, real estate, and industrial cleaning, Jacob has seen what creates success.