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Trauma is a Blessing with Neil Myers

Trauma is a Blessing with Neil Myers

In today’s episode, we have Neil Myers as our special guest. His life took a major turn when he got into an accident with a truck while riding a bicycle. Despite the Western world’s curiosity about what lies beyond death and the mind, they are unaware of the immense potential that human beings possess. The wisdom that Neil shares in this episode is unique and rare. He also delves into how athletes can live a better life and also explores the intricacies of human nature. He explains the importance of understanding and accepting the process of life and how it works, rather than resisting it or trying to control it. For the first time online, our host Barry Shore will be sharing about his near-death experience which he has never shared before. It’s going to be a great episode. So, don’t miss out on the amazing insights and wisdom that Neil Mayers brings with him in this episode. Tune in now!



Show Notes:

[9.36] Story of Neil Myers

  • You don’t have your day timer when something strange happens.
  • Neil Myers Story [10.01] to [14.51]
  • When you have a traumatic accident, epinephrine goes through the brain.
  • What it does is it sets you up as a human for survival.
  • And it shuts down everything and one of things it shuts down is cortex
  • And you can’t think.
  • For almost a week after this accident, I could think again.
  • You don’t feel the pain so it’s pretty easy going at first.

[19.31] Higher Consciousness

  • Have you ever heard people describing crossing over and near-death experiences?
  • If you can’t think, time slows way down.

Barry Shore Take:

  • I had two near-death experiences.
  • This is truly the ability for the being and the mind to see things that you could never see.
  • The process that we call crossing over is not frightening.
  • Death is one of the hated words in the English language.
  • One of the reasons is people are frightened of death.
  • Another reason is if you take the same word DEATH, they spell the word HATED.
  • Consciousness was literally just doing whatever it needs to do to maintain your physical being.

[22.57] When Consciousness Came Back into Neil’s Body

  • Next morning, I understood things better.
  • One of the lessons I learned:

“We live in a world where we’re told every day that we hate each other. But that’s BS. The reality is we’re a community. I never asked anybody to help and yet they’re all there lined up”

  • I’m a guy for whom movement is my temple
  • I’ve been training for years. This is what I do.
  • But today I can’t even get up.
  • To be fair, really one or only two times I ever felt low.
  • JOY: Journey of YOU.
  • What is a hospital? [26.01] to [30.05]

[33.29] Filmmaking

  • I own a marketing firm, so I’ve been telling stories from my clients on video
  • I knew how to do it but I never knew how to tell a story this long & emotional
  • My plan always has been to be a documentary filmmaker
  • You’re asking me about making a movie about myself which seems a little cringe-worthy
  • Hospital’s storytelling [34.01] to [36.22]
  • The story cannot be about me, but it would be about community
  • It was a love story of the community
  • It’s easy to make a superhero movie but that wasn’t about it

[40.26] Neil Myers Documentary 

  • I signed up for Sweden Film Festival
  • I got rejected 19 times.
  • I end up being accepted as an official selection of 36 film festivals around the world.
  • We won 26 different awards.
  • I wanted people to see my film and that was my goal

[43.17] Fitness

  • Athletes know something those non-athletes don’t know
  • Which is just do something that is a little harder than you think can do
  • Adapt to it which means you get stronger
  • There’s nothing in the world you can’t do
  • I’m in bed, I had gone to sleep, I woke up
  • I said okay my leg is better I am going to sign up for the Santra Barbara
  • I can’t walk but I’ll get there that’s a detail
  • That’s the athlete’s way.
  • One foot in front of the other and keep going
  • There’s no limit to where you can go

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About Neil Myers

Neil Myers is a native Californian who was born in Los Angeles, grew-up in Santa Rosa, and has lived for the past 33 years in Santa Barbara. In 1989 Neil founded Connect Marketing, a full-service marketing firm focused on B2B high tech companies. Since then, Connect Marketing has helped more than 600 tech firms like Symantec, Siemens and HP reach their marketing goals. Myers is also an award-winning documentary filmmaker. In 2021, Myers released his first documentary, Climb, at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival. Climb was an official selection at 40 film festivals in six countries, winning 26 times including best documentary, best cinematography, best director, best editing, and others.