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Triple Your Memory in Two Minutes

Triple Your Memory in Two Minutes: Expert Tips from Dave Farrow

In this episode of Barry Shore’s Show, memory expert Dave Farrow shares valuable tips on how to triple your memory in two minutes or less. He explains that the brain pays attention to things that it finds interesting and memorable, which is why we tend to remember a viral YouTube video more easily than our math homework. By using the unique principle of visualization, we can pick something and visualize it in an exaggerated and vivid way, making it more interesting to the brain. Farrow also explains the power of focus, sharing his Brain Secret of working in short bursts of 5-8 minutes to achieve success. He shares his personal achievement of memorizing 59 decks of cards all shuffled together, which amounts to 3068 cards in total. So tune in to this episode to learn how to boost your memory power and take your memory skills to the next level.

Dave Farrow

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Show Notes:

[10.06] How to triple your memory in two minutes or less

  • You already have a powerful memory it’s just very selective
  • The brain pays attention to the things that it finds interesting not you
  • Why do you remember a YouTube video but not your math homework?
  • Because your brain thinks it’s important – t’s visual and it’s very vivid
  • It also affects your survival
  • One of the reasons you remember something is this unique principle
  • If you want to remember my name, then imagine a giant wave hitting me because it rhymes with Dave
  • Pick something and visualize and all the sudden that’s interesting
  • You want exaggerate things and visualize them
  • BRAIN: Beneficial Rejuvenating Activity Increasing Nurturing

[16.58] FOCUS

  • FOCUS: Follow One Course Until Success
  • People try to focus, and they think focus means to be on the ball and at your peak for hours
  • Brain Secret [17.10] to [18.51]
  • Brain is suited for working in short bursts 5-8 minutes
  • I memorized 59 decks of cards all shuffled together which means 3068 cards in total

[24.35] Remembering the names

  • Brain looks for something visual and vivid and names are boring
  • One of the tricks you can do is to ask yourself questions
  • Brain hack: Every day for a week we’ve little cue cards
  • You put one card in your car or put it beside your bed etc.
  • Every time you look at these cards you look at somebody and, in your mind, you ask yourself, I wonder what his name is?
  • If you can remember to this throughout the day
  • These questions train the brain to be curious
  • You’ll find next time you hear a name your brain will pounce on it like a tiger on a meal
  • How to remember the 100 names secret [27.22] to [29.01]

[32.44] Brain Plasticity

  • The key to brain plasticity and changing your brain is maintaining positivity
  • People who are positive and optimistic have better brain function
  • The other factor is that the people who are more social have better brains
  • The other major thing is try taking larger goals
  • Try to learn something new every day
  • Learn new languages
  • McGill University has done a number of studies trying to show how bilingualism changes the brain.
  • Cognitive Reserve Theory
  • You have much more power than You think

[39.35] Three Questions

  • 1. Will you come back again?
  • Sure.
  • 2. What’s your most fervent desire?
  • I want everyone in my life to be happy and well
  • 3. May I give you a hug in front of 362,897 people?
  • YEAH!!!

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About Dave Farrow

Dave Farrow is best known for his brain power. Listed twice in the Guinness Book of Records for Greatest Memory, he is first and foremost an entrepreneur who mastered PR to promote his own business.

2x Guinness World Record Holder for Greatest Memory / CEO of FarrowCommunications / Author of “Brainhacker: Master Memory Focus & Emotions” (coming spring 2023)