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Barry Shore, the Ambassador of JOY, gladly introduces one of the most innovative and insightful environmental visionaries in the World: Peter Fiekowsky. Be ready to have Your mind and heart expanded. Peter has stories, data, and ideas that can and WILL transform our planet from where we are now: bogged in the finger pointing of competing emotions to the world that WILL be of benefit to ALL. That’s a BIG IDEA. The best part is Peter, as President and Founder at Foundation for Climate Restoration, knows that we CAN restore a healthy climate with ZERO degrees of Warming. And what will be the result: getting CO2 below 300 ppm by 2050. Oh, and get ready for this BIG IDEA: we CAN convert the CO2 into Concrete! Just imagine how wonderful and beneficial that can be. Everybody everywhere in the world comes out BETTER with Peter’s ideas transformed into Actions. This a BREAKTHROUGH that does what everyone wants: a cleaner, healthier, and happier planet. You will be SMILING and SHARING. Enjoy.

Featured Guest

Jonathan Goldman

Guest Peter Fiekowsky

Peter is an Entrepreneur committed to leaving a world we’re proud of for our children. Founder of initiatives for climate restoration: Healthy Climate Alliance and Foundation for Climate Restoration. Peter’s an MIT physicist with 27 patents.He is an expert at identifying and specifying intended outcomes so that pathways to success are quickly identified and effective, committed teams are assembled that achieve them. He connects experts and organizations that contribute to major initiatives from a variety of angles, and he supports them in working collaboratively and constructively towards common goals.Peter’s current focus is on restoring a healthy climate for our children. The Healthy Climate Alliance serves as a hub to connect and support key communities–notably faith and spiritual communities, policy and government, and science and research–allowing them to enable each other’s progress towards restoring a healthy climate.



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