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Turning Ideas into Reality: A Guide to Innovation with Sir Alec Stern

Join Barry Shore and Sir Alec Stern in this episode of “The Barry Shore Show,” as they delve into the world of innovation and product creation. Sir Alec debunks common myths about what it takes to be an innovator and the significance of knowing your target audience. He shares his team’s approach to creating new products, including the development of prototypes, and gathering valuable feedback from potential customers. With his wisdom and experience, Sir Alec will inspire you to embrace your inner innovator and turn your ideas into reality. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from one of the masters in the field of innovation.

Looking for a “Breakthrough” in Your Startup?

If you are creating a startup or are figuring out how to scale one, you’ve come to the right place. Alec is aproven business mentor as he is known to create “breakthrough opportunities” leveling up new & seasoned entrepreneurs to success.

Show Notes:

[10.39] You got a great idea and now what?

  • Do you think you’re an innovator?
  • When I ask this question only five percent of the hands go up
  • If you think of something that already exists and you want to do it better, then you’re an innovator.
  • We’re all innovators because we think of things that can be done better.
  • If you act, you are an innovator – if you don’t act, you’re not an innovator
  • It doesn’t matter what I think about your idea, what your target market thing matters.
  • What’s in the bullseye – what’s your actual target market?
  • Don’t ask your family about what they think about your family.
  • If you take the word “listen” and you move them around, it spells “silent”
  • Sir Alec business idea [20.01]

[26.30] Process and steps to create products

  • We created an innovation think tank
  • We’re out seeking looking at markets ourselves
  • How can we solve the problem of no one leaving the room and home?
  • We typically go on and build a prototype
  • We test it and get feedback
  • Two questions:
  1. Is it something that you see value in and that you can use?
  2. Are you willing to pay for it?
  • My mantra in life: No means not now.
  • Sir Alec Story of “Not means not now” from [33.44] to [34.00]

[34.45] No in business

  • Sometimes people are not ready to hear what you say
  • I’d ask them, is it a good time?
  • When you get a no – feedback is a gift.
  • I’d just ask: “Why is it that this is not of interest to you.”
  • Always keep the door open and follow-up
  • Cultivate the relationship and turn that into a YES.
  • The definition of small businesses is solopreneurs
  • Anywhere in the world Main Street
  • Small businesses are lifeblood of our economy

[44.33] How do I keep existing customers and acquire new ones?

  • People always try to acquire new customers and they leave their existing customers behind while they go chasing
  • Not realizing that their best prospect is their current customer
  • When you get referrals that’s free marketing
  • My mantra: “Accomplishments are something to build on not celebrate on”
  • Use the energy of celebration to achieve more

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About Sir Alec Stern

Sir Alec Stern is an entrepreneur, speaker, mentor, and investor. He has become known as “America’s Startup Success Expert” for performing hundreds of keynote speeches worldwide and for his popular sessions at top conferences.

He’s been a co-founder or founding team member of 8 startups with 5 exits – 2 IPOs and 3 acquisitions. As a primary member of Constant Contact’s founding team Alecwas one of the original 3 who started the company in an attic. Alec was with the company for 18 years from start-up, to IPO, to a $1.1 Billion-dollar acquisition. Alechas also been a Co-Founder or founding team of several other successful startups including, VMark (IPO & acquisition), Reacher Grasper Cane, MOST Cardio and MetaClarity amongst others.