Ultimate Speaker Competition Barry Shore 1st Place
We are so excited to announce the 1st Place Winner of our Ultimate Speaker Competition in Las Vegas, April 2022
The One and Only “AMBASSADOR OF JOY, Barry Shore!
Barry realized that this event was about so much more than competition. It is and always has been about Connection and Collaboration as much as Competition.
There is a famous quote that states, “You’re never too young to teach and you’re never too old to learn.” (Les Brown)
Being a life-long student myself, I must say, that I am as impressed by Barry’s humble heart and attitude as I am by the brilliant messages he shared on our stage. He brought the audience/ all of us, for 2 days- on an emotional journey.
I apologize, however, I beg to differ with him on his self-proclaimed moniker of “The Ambassador of Joy”. Sorry Mr. Shore, but in my humble opinion, you are Not only the Ambassador of Joy, rather, YOU ARE THE EMBODIMENT OF JOY!
Mr. Barry Shore brought his heart and soul to this event, he inspired, he empowered, he instructed us, he educated us and he showed what power, presence and impact a speaker who is in tune with one’s true self, their higher power and their audience has the capacity to do on stage.
Oh and by the way, our Speakers get Only 6 minutes on stage each time they speak. In the finals it’s 7 minutes. So, officially in 6 minutes in his first presentation, 6 minutes in the semi-finals and 7 minutes in the Finals, Barry Shore engaged the audience, entertained, enrolled us all into his message and vision of living life to the fullest. He proclaimed that it is our responsibility to “Live Life Exuberantly”.
In essence in about 20-ish minutes on stage over 2 days, Barry Shore captivated us and set the example and invited us all on the journey to live lives filled with JOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!