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Uncovering the Root Cause of Antisemitism

Uncovering the Root Cause of Antisemitism

Are you satisfied with the current state of your world? Our human knowledge is limited, and we don’t possess all the hidden truths. But if you’re already privy to every secret out there, then feel free to move on – this episode isn’t for you. For everyone else though, get ready for an eye-opening experience; one that will revolutionize how you understand life around us. Today, we have the distinct pleasure of welcoming Laura Rosen from Canada to our show. She is a master storyteller with an acute understanding of life’s secrets and how they can be used for personal growth and societal revolution! During her appearance, she will share invaluable insight into breaking free from oppressive conventions of our culture, exercising discernment when making choices, and fostering a more harmonious world where respect knows no bounds. We are thrilled to hear her ideas on such meaningful topics! Your life is about to take an exhilarating turn!

Laura Rosen Cohen

Laura Rosen Cohen is a Toronto writer and a columnist and In House Jewish Mother of the great Mark Steyn at SteynOnline

Show Notes:

[10.32] Background

  • I am Jewish mother from Toronto Canada
  • I’ve been writing for a long time.
  • I consider myself primarily a writer, but I do some editing as well.
  • You can find me in Newsweek Magazine and Jerusalem Post etc.
  • I’ve a weekly column that I write for the great Mark Steyn.
  • It’s a weekly digest called Laura’s links that I put together.
  • It gives an overview of things that are percolating through the internet
  • You can find me weekly at

[12.25] Death: Medical Assistance in Dying in Canada

  • Barry Shore: People for some reason shy away from death.
  • Canadian government has a federal program, it’s called MAID
  • MAID: Medical assistance in dying
  • Basically, it’s what otherwise we’d call democide or state murder of citizens.
  • The government has made it extremely easy and is encouraging people to take them up on the offer of medical assistance in dying.
  • It’s absolutely horrifying how quick the process is for people
  • In the beginning the brilliant idea was that people who were terminally ill in unbearable pain with no possible ability to recover.
  • But now the criteria have changed – there is very little in terms of waiting times
  • It’s not even necessary for doctors who’re signing off on this.
  • It’s through phone calls.
  • As far as I know, it can be pharmacists or nursing assistants
  • You do the paperwork and then you get this death day.
  • It’s also billable to our insurance scheme and our socialized medical scheme.
  • There are stories where people have applied for this because they’re depressed or impoverished.
  • Without their parents knowing even if they’re not adults.
  • It has really become a culture of death.
  • On a Machiavellian level it seems like it’s being done because it’s a savings for the government.
  • Our prime minister Justin Trudeau is on record as admiring China’s basic dictatorship.
  • He has admiration for totalitarianism for the Chinese communist regime.

Barry Shore: Read the book The Road to Serfdom

  • Barry Shore: A frog and some water: A pot of water and you start boiling it and okay the frog is in one more – and the frog is boiling and can’t get out then it’s being eaten.

[20.33] Is there an emerging uprising in any kind in Canada?

  • Yes, I believe the evidence of that is obviously the trucker demonstrations.
  • There are provinces in Canada where there’s a little bit more of an inclination of freedom like in Alberta.
  • Canada’s demographics have really changed a lot over the years.
  • That changes that demographic’s destiny.
  • Like the flooding of America with illegal immigrants undocumented.
  • We really need to consider what we want our countries to look like.
  • It’s just that when you come to a country – do you subscribe to the values of that country.
  • In some groups of Muslim culture, if female decides to not wear hijab or to incorporate more western practices.
  • Or if she wants to date a non-Muslim; it’s a very big form of rebellion.
  • And there have been murders of Muslim teenagers.
  • We’ve to be able to discuss that.

[36.05] Hatred of Jews

  • Antisemitism is known popularly as the world’s oldest hatred.
  • It takes many forms, and it evolves, and it can be whatever you want it to be.
  • When Jews were left Egypt and then God them Manna from Heaven
  • And it tastes like anything that they wanted to.
  • At the complete end of the scale the opposite of that goodness; we’ve this Jew hatred.
  • There was a time if there’s communism then they’ll call the Jews Capitalists.
  • If it’s capitalistic time they’ll call the Jews communists.
  • During the Spanish inquisition it was racial.
  • The point is antisemitism is here with us to stay – it’s never actually going to go away.
  • All the efforts that Jewish organizations make and fundraise and try to fight antisemitism is (in my view) futile.
  • I’ve never found a joyful and happy anti-Semite because it’s rotting of the human spirit
  • You can’t be a happy and joyful person if your soul is rife with Jew hatred.

Barry Shore: Don’t complain and don’t blame – that’s the rotting of the soul.

[41.23] Several Lessons of History

  • What starts with the Jews doesn’t end with the Jews.
  • It can be tested on Jews but then it’s going to go other places
  • The societies that have good relations with their Jewish communities let them prosper.
  • Those cultures generally have done very well.
  • If you look at the most Jew-hating countries throughout the world; you’re looking at societies that are dead.
  • And inside they have no souls.
  • Jews have outlasted a lot of hate.
  • We’ve 8 million Jewish people Jews in the state of Israel right now – thank God.
  • That’s a message to all the kook anti-Semites out there that you can fester in your hatred and we are not going to care.
  • We’re going to outlive, outlast and out love all.
  • It’s a creative brain and it’s a life-loving and inspiring brain.
  • Jews have a toast, we say L’chayim, to life. It’s all about life.

[47.01] Shifting Personality

  • I read: Other special needs couples were struggling, and the wife was really upset.
  • She has been having why me, why me and why me kind of moment.
  • And her husband held her and said Well why not us?
  • If you’ve faith you’ve to believe that everything is within God’s realm and God’s plan.
  • I don’t know why it’s us and why it’s my son just like other people don’t know why.
  • I do know that being a special needs parent makes you acutely aware of human fragility and sanctity of life.
  • Also, to be aware of how intolerant people can be towards other humans.
  • Often showing a lot of cruelty not realizing how fragile their own abilities are.
  • A lot of people make things worse for humans with disabilities.
  • My plea and insistence are I’m okay if you’re indifferent to disabled people
  • But at least don’t make it worse.
  • Covid showed that a lot of people chose to make things worse.
  • Because you always have a choice.
  • That’s your free will from GOD.
  • Free won’t mean that God has decided that you’re going to have chocolate this afternoon.
  • Free will means that I’m a moral human being – I always have a choice whether to do the right thing or to do the wrong thing.
  • When people say how the Holocaust ever happen.
  • The Holocaust because people became insensitive to fellow human beings
  • They didn’t care when their civil rights were being degraded.
  • By the time it came to shipping them off the camps they were completely anesthetized.


  • The malicious entities that were in power of the apparatus of Germany at the time began by picking out those deemed expendable, namely those considered unproductive… (Laura: Their families were taken away forcefully) and they were placed into specific areas. Elderly people who were unable to perform labor or contribute any longer were systematically killed by those in power. They had already perfected the methods of gassing and torturing individuals, as well as performing medical experiments on their own citizens prior to this genocide. The point of these actions was to strip away all humanity from those they targeted – treating them not like loving beings but instead viewing them with hatred and resentment. I have come to refer to such individuals as two-legged monsters masquerading as humans.
  • Laura: People have experienced similar situations before, where atrocious decisions were made in the name of public health which led to broken relationships and families being torn apart. I’m sure everyone watching can relate with their own stories about this kind of reprehensible behavior or policy.

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About Laura Rosen Cohen

Laura is a writer and special needs Mom from Toronto, Canada and an uppity politically conservative observant Jew. She has a BA in English and History from the University of Toronto and have published in The Jerusalem Post, The Jerusalem Report, Newsweek, the Globe and Mail, the Brownstone Institute, National Post, Toronto Star among others and she’s the official In House Jewish Mother of Mark Steyn at SteynOnline.