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Unleashing the Healing Power Within: A Journey through Energy, Gratitude, and Well-Being

In this episode of The Joy of Living, Barry Shore interviews Vanessa Eltson, a leading expert in energy healing. Vanessa shares her journey of recovery from a severe case of tonic arthritis and how she discovered her healing abilities. She also discusses the importance of gratitude, mindset, and energy in healing.

Vanessa explains that healing is not just about curing physical ailments but also about transforming our lives on a deeper level. She believes that we are all energetic beings and that our thoughts and emotions directly impact our health and well-being. When we are grateful for what we have, we create a positive energy field around ourselves that attracts more good things into our lives. And when we release negative emotions like fear and anxiety, we free up energy that can be used for healing.

Vanessa also talks about the power of energy healing. She explains that energy healing is a process of aligning our energy with the universal energy field. This can be done through meditation, visualization, and sound healing. When we align with the universal energy field, we tap into a source of infinite healing power.

Extraordinary Realm of Quantum Wellbeing

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[10.22] Healing Journey Unveiled

In this segment, we delve into an extraordinary healing journey, where unexpected challenges led to profound self-discovery and empowerment. Our guest shares their transformative experience, offering insights into overcoming adversity and unlocking hidden talents.

  • Struggling with Severe Tonic Arthritis: I was struck down by a severe case of tonic arthritis. I reached a point where I couldn’t get up or move my body.
  • Seeking Answers: After many hospital visits, doctors couldn’t pinpoint what was wrong. They even suggested I take chemo drugs, even though I didn’t have cancer. It felt like a one-size-fits-all approach.
  • Turning to Healing: Feeling frustrated, I decided to work with a healer. Surprisingly, my physical issues seemed to be connected to stress, depression, and anxiety.
  • A Successful Yet Unhappy Life: Despite being an award-winning entrepreneur, I wasn’t happy. The healer told me something eye-opening: “You stopped because you’re meant to be a healer yourself. Embrace it or you’ll face similar challenges.”
  • Embracing Healing: This realization ignited a new path for me. I started to learn about healing and how to harness my own abilities.

[13.44] Navigating Success & Happiness

In this segment, we delve into the intricate balance between achieving success and cultivating happiness. Our guest shares poignant insights from their journey, shedding light on the masks people wear and the true essence of well-being.

  • A Passing Thunder Game: I recall a moment passing by a thunder game, reflecting on life’s quick pace.
  • The “Fine and Great” Facade: When asked how I am, my usual response is, “Fine and great.” Yet, beneath that veneer, many of us are dealing with struggles.
  • Unveiling Masked Realities: Behind seemingly content faces, people often face crumbling challenges. It’s crucial to delve deeper and ensure their well-being.
  • The Hidden Toll of Stress: Often, stress and unhappiness lead people down dangerous paths, even to thoughts of suicide. A simple hug and kind words can make a world of difference.
  • Embracing Empathy: My job’s demands include recognizing signs of anxiety and depression. This awareness is vital for helping others.
  • Transitioning to the Joy of Life: Shifting focus from material concerns to the true joys of life brings newfound clarity and contentment.

[16.11] Unveiling the Healing Secret

This segment reveals a profound healing secret that revolves around cultivating gratitude and shaping one’s environment. Our guest shares transformative insights on embracing gratitude and maintaining faith, leading to a life of positivity and unexpected serendipity.

  • The Power of Gratitude: The journey to healing commences with gratitude. Many struggle with this fundamental practice due to constant comparisons with unrealistic standards.
  • Redefining Wealth: True success lies in robust health and cherished family bonds. Awakening each day with gratitude for unhindered breath is a simple yet profound blessing.
  • The Veiled Struggles: Underneath seemingly normal lives, many secretly battle with issues like restricted breathing. Gratitude extends to the small yet significant aspects of life.
  • The Attitude of Gratitude: Shaping an environment of positivity begins with cultivating an attitude of gratitude. This mindset has the potential to transform one’s life.
  • Escaping the Victim Mentality: It’s effortless to become a victim of circumstances, but embracing gratitude empowers one to rise above challenges.
  • Faith in Better Outcomes: Maintaining unwavering faith in the anticipation of better things instills a positive outlook. Gratitude fuels this sustaining faith.
  • Embracing Serendipity: The guest holds a deep appreciation for the word “Serendipity” because it encapsulates the beauty of unforeseen blessings that exceed imagination.

[23.19] Healing: An Alternative to the Pharmaceutical Approach

In this segment, we delve into the notion of healing as a powerful alternative to conventional pharmaceutical solutions. Our guest offers profound insights on the intricate interplay of energy, mindset, and happiness in the realm of well-being. 

  • Reconnecting with Life’s Magic: Modern life often distances us from the enchantment that exists around us.
  • Embracing Our Energetic Nature: Recognizing our essence as energetic beings, perpetually generating and oscillating energy.
  • Weight of Energy: The metaphor of carrying the “waste of the wilds” signifies how dense, negative energy can burden us.
  • Escaping Victimhood: Victim mentality generates heavy energy that weighs us down, leading to perpetual fear and anxiety.
  • Redefining Value: Placing excessive importance on material possessions like luxury cars and houses leads to an empty pursuit.
  • Shifting from Unhappy to Happy: The transition from unhappiness to joy is immeasurably valuable, far beyond material riches.
  • The Quantum Perspective: In the quantum realm, individual energies synergize, creating an effect greater than the sum of parts.
  • Success vs. Happiness: The guest prompts contemplation on the prevalence of successful individuals who are deeply unhappy.

[40.17] Unveiling the Power of Energy Healing

In this segment, we delve into the fascinating realm of energy healing, where the principles of quantum physics converge with the human ability to influence vibrational frequencies positively. Our guest shares their journey of discovery and how energy healing aligns with the natural harmony of the universe.

  • Quantum Physics and Personal Abilities: My interest in quantum physics stemmed from its correlation with my unique abilities, providing a scientific foundation for what I can achieve.
  • Empowering Skeptics: Quantum physics offers a tangible framework that counters skepticism about concepts often labeled as “woo-woo.”
  • The Morphogenetic Field: Exploring the concept of the morphogenetic field within quantum physics, allows us to tap into a universal energy field.
  • The Primacy of Vibration: Rather than merely the law of attraction, the law of vibration precedes our reality.
  • Harmonious Vibrations: Our focus is on resonating with positive and harmonious frequencies, mirroring the harmony found throughout nature.
  • Quantum Resonance and Distance: The phenomenon of quantum resonance transcends space, enabling its influence to extend across any distance.
  • The Healing Resonance: Energy healing is about aligning with positivity. This resonant state has shown impressive results, especially when integrated with grounding practices.
  • Reconnecting with Nature: Modern lifestyles often disconnect us from the Earth’s grounding energy, a vital aspect of well-being.
  • Harnessing Sound, Light, and Frequency: An innovative app that utilizes sound, light, and frequency to facilitate healing, tapping into our nature as conduits.
  • Our Water-Conduit Nature: As conduits for energy, our bodies composition, including water, plays a crucial role in energy healing.
  • Remarkable Results: Athletes and individuals using the mentioned app report remarkable outcomes, showcasing energy healing potential.

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About Vanessa Elston

Vanessa Elston Healing offers transformative services for anxiety, depression, burnout, overwhelm, PTSD, confidence building, and weight loss.

Quantum-based courses, such as ‘Diving The Path to Healing,’ teach people how to use the pendulum for healing. Everyone possesses the potential for healing; it is a gift meant to be shared during this awakening era.

Despite initially dismissing my healing abilities due to societal expectations, my encounter with Sophia, my teacher, changed everything. Struggling with viral arthritis and facing a future of medication-induced decline, I sought alternative solutions. Through healing sessions with Sophia, I experienced remarkable improvements, regained my mobility, and reclaimed my life. Grateful for this renewed health, I am dedicated to sharing the power of healing.