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Uncover Hidden Strength with Transformative Palms: A Guide to Unleashing Your Inner Power

Uncover Hidden Strength with Transformative Palms: A Guide to Unleashing Your Inner Power

In this podcast, we’ll discover the ways of living a life in a better way by understanding the data imprinted on our palms, which is comparable to the output generated by an EEG. Learn how our palms change as we think, feel, and act, and how you can use this knowledge to break free from the limitations you may feel are holding you back. With Barry’s words of wisdom and Lisa’s expertise, you’ll gain a new perspective on the power you have to alter your life. Discover the secrets of your fingerprints and destiny, and learn how breathing exercises can change your fingers. Be prepared to be challenged to think differently and to venture outside your comfort zone to discover new possibilities in life. As we explore the fourth reaction of ‘Fawn’ when faced with danger, we’ll learn how to overcome the tendency to please others and take control of our own destinies. Join us on Lines in Your Hand and unlock the secrets of your future today!

Truth in Hand

Lisa brings a lifetime of experience reading well over 50,000 hands from around the globe. Her readings include iconic film stars , rock stars, international CEO’s, television personalities and people just like you. Lisa has an unparalleled history in Hand Analysis that brings a rich, deep understanding of human nature reflected in the lines on your hand.

Show Notes:

[11.12] What knowledge do you help people gain?

  • The data imprinted on your palms is comparable to the output generated by an EEG.
  • It changes as you think, feel and act
  • You’re free to go wherever you want – the only thing locking you in is your own fingerprint!
  • WOW: Words of Wisdom! – Words of Wonder
  • Barry Shore believes that many of us are hindered by the false notion that what we know is all there is. He encourages people to venture outside their comfort zone and explore new possibilities for discovering more opportunities within life.
  • Barry Shore: YOU can alter Your Life.

[15.37] Fingerprints and Destiny

  • It may feel like you’re stuck in a rut, but your unique fingerprints are your destiny and should never be tampered with.
  • Breathing Exercise can change your fingers.
  • We underestimate the self and overestimate the attack
  • Unless one schools oneself and trains to do the opposite
  • There’s no need to beat ourselves up
  • When faced with danger, people often react in one of four ways: Freeze, Fight, Flight and Fawn. The fourth reaction of ‘Fawn’ is characterized by an insatiable desire to please others in order to avoid potential harm.

[35.42] Heart Line

  • The heart line is situated at the highest point on your palm for a purpose – it recounts tales of love and affection.
  • Our heart produces an electromagnetic field that is hundreds of times more powerful than the electrical charge generated by our brain.
  • Magnificently magnanimous: 5000 times more magnetic!
  • Barry Shore: You choose your destiny when you SHIFT your mind
  • You can’t change your destiny because you’re the part of unique missive
  • You’re occupying your life as part of a unique strand in This Global Destiny
  • But… You can SHAPE it
  • You can Enjoy it or suffer.
  • It’s Yours to shape like a Sculptor
  • Through our decisions, we craft and shape the path of our lives.

[40.01] SHIFTING Your Perspective

  • David in Rome story [40.25] to [41.06]
  • That’s the joy of my work that beats the best day to see somebody understand the power that they can shape their lives
  • JOY: Journey of YOU
  • We are an amalgamation of both light and dark, constantly striving for balance.
  • Inhale is expansion and the exhale is a contraction

[44.22] The Inescapable Darkness

  • As a sculptor, I embrace the darkness and work to reshape it. Instead of shunning or condemning it, I believe in its transformative potential.
  • The depth of the shadow gives you the depth of the Joy
  • Barry Shore has faced that DARKER SHADOW.
  • Putting up a person on a pedestal in any situation that causes a distance and say well that’s not me
  • Lisa: Life Inspiring Successful Awareness
  • There are no barriers to Your being
  • We’re all connected so there’s no distance between one human to another
  • Once you recognize that then your expansion is COMPLETE

[49.14] Unlocking the Secrets of Corporate Success Through Palm Reading

  • I started reading hands when I was 13 years old
  • Brother Story [49.34] to [50.15]
  • The Healing Arts
  • 60 percent of the population have loops
  • There are seven different combinations and ten fingers
  • The number four is a cornerstone principle in the world, fundamental to our understanding of reality.

Insider Tips

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  • How common is heart failure?
  • How is AI giving doctors advanced notice on heart failure?
  • What happens when a patient reaches advanced heart failure?
  • What steps need to be taken to help?  How about lifestyle changes?
  • Are there new treatment options?
  • What else can AI be used for to help patients?
  • Where can people find more information?

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About Lisa Greenfield

She brings you a lifetime of experience. More than 50,000 people from around the globe have benefitted from her insight. Lisa has read for iconic film stars, rock stars, international CEOs, television personalities and people just like you. Her unparalleled history in intuitive readings goes to work to reveal your untapped potential and surprising personal resources to help you live the life you were meant to live.