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Human Connection

Unlock the Magic of Human Connection with Neal Foard

Today, we have an incredible guest – Neal Foard – who will be sharing his personal story of resilience and bravery to motivate us. Additionally, he’ll delve into the world of kindness and how it can improve our lives on a grand scale. We’ll discuss the importance of being kinder in society as well as ask: what is the return on investment of practicing kindness? Neal will offer insight regarding building a culture that promotes empathy within workplaces. Join me and Neal Foard, as he divulges his inspiring journey of triumphing over struggles and teaches us how we can vanquish the same. In this conversation about kindness, tenacity, and thankfulness, you are sure to leave feeling empowered and united!

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Show Notes:

[11.34] Stupidly of Bragging

  • Social media, similarly, to any tool, can be utilized in multiple ways; fire can destroy and ignite.
  • When I am exposed to positive energies, it motivates me to go forth and spread that same cheer.
  • When I observe you, I can’t help but recognize the true power of social media- its intended purpose.
  • Authenticity is only established when the autobiography reveals a dark truth.
  • Any man that paints himself in a favourable light is likely not telling the truth.
  • It’s not what you failed to do that you regret, it’s the missed opportunities of all the things you could have done better.
  • Those who boast of their own accomplishments likely exaggerate the truth.
  • Life was not meant to be lived in solitude, no one should have to face it alone.

[17.24] Be the best of YOU

  • When I turned 50, I had a change in perspective about how to approach each day.
  • I began searching for opportunities to carry out small yet meaningful gestures towards others.
  • When you try to be kind and compassionate, the chance for such encounters will inevitably arise.
  • I beheld someone suffering, the source of their anguish a mystery to me – only for it to become apparent that they were causing their own agony.
  • Almost all people are kind, generous and hardworking.
  • It appears we’re inundated with media images of people that are constantly yelling, screaming and being hostile, which leads us to believe that this is the new normal.

[22.21] ROI of Kindness

  • When you do nice kindness for people, you shouldn’t expect that the reaction you’re going to get every time is great gratitude and fulfillment.
  • The ROI of kindness is the best proportion of you. It’s the highest success rate of any human action.
  • Life changing story of Kindness [25.00 to 29.39]
  • Kindness tends to be like gravity; it attracts.
  • Story of restoring [33.00 to 38.36]

[41.07] American Spirit

  • The Pygmalion effect demonstrates that individuals will meet and surpass the expectations you set for them.
  • Anticipating kindness from others often encourages them to act accordingly.
  • I’m deeply in love with my wife for the unique qualities she brings to our relationship. She does things that I wouldn’t have thought of or done on my own, and it always fills me with admiration.
  • My wife has been incredibly generous [42.14 to 45.00].
  • Barry about American Spirit [47.02 to 49.01]
  • I believe it is essential for an American to experience life outside of their homeland.
  • You learn two things
  • In contrast to the rest of the world, other nations often outperform when it comes to certain areas.
  • Additionally, your faith in fellow citizens is renewed and strengthened when you travel.
  • A recent survey conducted in Hong Kong sought to uncover the nation that produces the greatest lovers – who will come out on top?
  • If American were quote relentless – self-improvers unquote • Undeniably, Americans are ever striving for improvement.
  • Americans recognize that progress is more important than perfection.
  • With continual improvements and hard work, we will ultimately achieve our goal.

[53.09] What’s your most fervent desire

  • I got to make sure that I provide economically for my family.
  • I leave it wherever I am.
  • I want to teach my children that.
  • Watching people’s chance to improve every day was for our childhood.

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About Neal Foard

Neal Foard has spent 25 years in advertising and marketing, creating award-winning campaigns for global power brands like Budweiser, Lexus and Sony. For his work on Toyota, Neal ranked among the top ten most awarded creative directors in the world in 2002. As the author of an innovative coaching series Neal was named Worldwide Director of Creative Learning for global ad agency Saatchi & Saatchi. He has consulted on creative messaging for Fortune 500 companies and universities, and been a featured speaker at TEDx conferences. Most recently, Neal has gained a following on social media for his inspirational videos about the kindnesses of everyday people.