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Economic Challenges

Wired Differently: Todd Saylor’s Journey to Success

Join host Barry Shore and special guest Todd Saylor in this thought-provoking journey through various dimensions of life and business. In this remarkable series of episodes, Todd and Barry explore profound insights, beginning with ‘Wired Differently.’ They touch upon finding inner harmony, diverse perceptions of God, and the aspiration to connect with a higher power. Todd shares his expertise on the importance of authenticity and how it can impact your life significantly. You’ll also discover the significance of happiness versus joy and how riches relate to wealth.

In ‘Wealth,’ they discuss the essence of transforming riches into true wealth and unveil the secret behind achieving financial success. Todd offers valuable insights into building a sustainable and profitable business in ‘Business.’ Discover how serving others can lead to blessings in the form of an indescribable gift. But the journey doesn’t end there. Stay tuned for ‘Final Thoughts’ as Todd expresses his heartfelt appreciation for Barry Shore and shares an intriguing story about movie-making and the hidden secrets behind it.

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[10.24] Wired Differently

  • The book “You Will Be Done” is all about finding harmony within yourself.
  • Our perceptions of God and Jesus differ among us.
  • We aspire to connect with a higher power.
  • Our neurological makeup sets us apart from one another.
  • God encourages us to harmonize and synchronize.
  • God desires a convergence of our will with His.
  • A functional doctor conducts thorough examinations when addressing stomach problems.
  • Functional doctors adopt a holistic approach to healthcare.
  • My goal is to coach you toward profitability.
  • To help you become profitable, I need to assess your individual needs.
  • Achieving financial success requires a holistic approach, and that’s precisely what the “Wired Differently Coaching” program offers.

[16.36You Will Be Done

  • One important aspect we all should be mindful of is our culture.
  • I own the trademark for “It’s our culture.”
  • What truly sets you apart and makes you spectacular isn’t just your physical appearance and authenticity.
  • In a study conducted in Spain, emotions were analyzed, and the emotion of authenticity scored 4000 times higher than that of love.
  • People are more drawn to someone who sings a song they genuinely want to sing rather than a song they think they should sing.
  • Authenticity is at the core of decision-making when it comes to winning the hearts and minds of others.
  • It’s worth noting that happiness is often linked to circumstances and can be attained at any time.
  • On the other hand, joy is an internal experience that emanates from within us. It’s a feeling that can only be delivered by God.
  • It’s important to understand that riches alone don’t equate to wealth; true wealth is more akin to joy.

[24.11] Wealth

  • Many podcasts can be likened to running a race, but this one feels more like a sprint over 100 yards for a full 58 minutes.
  • Your podcast stands out as the Olympics of Podcasting.
  • I explore the connections between happiness and joy, as well as riches and wealth in my teachings.
  • When you place riches in the proper context, much like happiness, they have the potential to transform into wealth.
  • Wealth is the concept of making investments that continue to generate returns without requiring your direct involvement.
  • You don’t do transactional incomes as a business structure to be wealthy.
  • You become a SAS or a reoccurring revenue-generating machine.
  • I teach people how to monetize their transactional work base and turn it into a reoccurring revenue machine.

[31.49] Business

  • Business success often hinges on your ability to provide others with what they want and need; when you do this consistently, rewards will come your way.
  • In the divine perspective, this is referred to as an indescribable gift.
  • When we pray for others and serve their needs, it opens the door for us to receive a divine blessing, an indescribable gift.
  • We can think of this gift as “GIFT,” which stands for “Godly Inspiration Facilitating Transformation.”
  • It can be challenging to discern what’s authentic in the world of business; distinguishing true coaches from those who merely pretend can be quite elusive.
  • I, like many others, feel a sense of disappointment towards those who masquerade as something they are not.
  • Don’t miss out on Todd’s Beautiful Secret Story, which unfolds from [35.00] to [41.01].

[44.25] Final Thoughts

  • Todd expressed his heartfelt appreciation for Barry Shore, considering him a blessing.
  • He openly conveyed his gratitude towards Barry Shore and mentioned his intention to include him in his prayers tonight.
  • Don’t miss a captivating story that will leave your mind reeling as Todd delves into the secret behind movie-making, starting at [45.00] and concluding at [55.03].
  • It’s a reminder that we all have callings in life that we may not fully grasp, and often we fail to recognize our inherent nature as builders.
  • Todd attributes his foundational understanding of this concept to his father, which served as the genesis of the “Wired Differently” philosophy.
  • Exciting news, Todd is currently in the process of creating a movie titled “Tigerinus.”
  • For a sneak peek, visit and check out the trailer.

What’s your most fervent desire?

My most fervent desire is to win people.

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About Todd Saylor

Todd is on a mission to be “America’s Coach”! Todd Saylor is the man behind the internationally known brand Wired Differently and the Tiki Hut Business Retreat! He is America’s functional business coach, and his mission is to build you personally, spiritually, and profitably.

He is here to challenge your thinking about how you see your world, the people, and the business in it.