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Barry Shore, the Ambassador of JOY, engages the greatest living WIZARD to initiate You into WONDERS. Yes, Roy Williams, aka the WIZARD of ADS, is the highest paid persuasion writer in the world. You will be mesmerized, tantalized, energized by the INSIGHTS of this profound and powerful enchanter. You will hear Myths shattered and Truth told as Roy brings us on the Journey into Identity, Purpose, and Adventure. This is an episode to listen to again and again because YOU will GAIN. Ever hear the phrase: a picture is worth a thousand words? AHA! NOT True. Hear why. WORDS, Your words, Create WORLDS. And You do this by telling stories. The WIZARD shows us how to use Your Mind’s Eye to Explore the as yet unexplored. Everyone knows we have two parts of the brain. Did You know they are Unequal in size, not just function. Join the Ambassador of JOY and the WIZARD to journey into the great unknown and learn how to earn more by yearning to SOAR on the wings of Adventure. You’ll be glad You did.

Featured Guest

Roy H Williams

Roy H Williams guest on the Joy of Living radio showNicknamed “the Wizard of Ads”, Roy H. Williams and his staff are the pivotal force in amazing come-from-behind victories in the worlds of business, politics, and finance. A lifelong student of humanity, Roy H. Williams has spent more than a quarter-century asking, “What makes people do the things they do?” And he’s been using the things he’s learned to stimulate miraculous growth for his small business clients for more than 25 years. Over forty branch offices of Wizard of Ads, Inc., serves the advertising and marketing needs of business owners around the globe. His books and Monday Morning Memos are a constant source of fascination and entertainment for his students and friends. His first book, The Wizard of Ads, was voted Business Book of the Year in 1998 and again in 1999 and 2001. Williams teaches creative thinking, strategic planning and human persuasion at the Wizard Academy that includes many of the world’s most forward-thinking and successful CEOs,inventors and consultants.