ABLE: Always Believe Love Exists HAS: Heart And Soul
ACT: Always Courageous Thinking IS: Inspire Smiles
ALL: Always Love Life JAW: Joy At Work
ASAP: Always Say A Prayer KIND: Keep Inspiring Noble Deeds
ASK: Always Seek Kindness LIFE: Living Inspirationally For Eternity
BABE: Be A Blessing Everyday LOG: Love Of Giving
BIG: Believe In Giving MAN: Manifesting Amazing Nobility
BOSS: Being Of Service Successfully NUT: Never Underestimate Thanking
BOWL: Becoming One With Life POOP: Power Of One Person
DO: Divine Order POT: Power of Thought
DOG: Doing Of GOOD RICH: Rejoicing In Choosing Happiness
EGO: Edging God Out SOUL: Song Of Unlimited LIFE
GOAL: Go Out & Achieve Life UP: Unlimited Potential
GOT: Gift Of Time WOW: Words Of Wisdom