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Join Your Ambassador of JOY, Barry Shore, in welcoming one of the most influential non-professional athletic coaches in the world: Joshua Harris!

You know Joshua by the success of his protégé: Lamar Jackson. Yes, THAT Lamar Jackson. Listen carefully as Barry and Joshua discuss the essential qualities that brought the highly talented Lamar (Heisman Trophy Winner) from that status to the 2019 NFL MVP. Chief among these fundamentals is WORK ETHIC. And along with the Ethic, according to Joshua, is Committed Discipline, Confidence, and Team Work. You will be mesmerized by the story of how this 39 year old high school English teacher came to coach one of the country’s leading sports figures who has become a Model for Young People everywhere. You will want to listen again and again and SHARE this Episode with everyone who values the values of Sport. ENJOY!

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Joshua Harris guest on the Joy of Living radio show

Joshua Harris