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The Ambassador of JOY, Barry Shore, welcomes a man who defied all the odds and emerged as a Transformed and Transformative Being influencing thousands of people.Both of Manley Miller’s parents were drug addicts. He grew up in the poorest section of New Orleans and still managed to realize that GOD is conspiring to benefit.. At 19 Manley was touched by Jesus and and went to work as a janitor for Celebration Church. Manley started a Bible study group with people who were not attending Church anywhere. Continuing to transform himself and others Manley met and married Dana, the daughter of a drug addict, and together they build a life dedicated to being of service along with their 4 wonderful children. YOU will learn how live a Difference Making Life and hear how the Chaplain for the New Orleans Pelicans inspires with Altitude and Attitude to understand that sowing, planting, and reaping will enable You to GROW. Learn about weary windows, perseverance, and JOY. YOU will be Inspired.Share.

Featured Guest

Manley Miller

Guest Manley MIller - The Joy of Living Radi oShowRaised on the streets of New Orleans, Manley Miller became a writer for an entertainment magazine at the age of fourteen. At sixteen, he accidentally stopped a robbery at a grocery store and was immediately given the job of assistant manager. At nineteen, Jesus found him and made him the janitor at Celebration Church. At 20, Manley was given a list of names of young people between the ages of 18 and 24 who were not attending church anywhere. Manley started a young adults Bible study from this list and within 2 months it had grown to 60 people. At 34, Manley was asked to start a new congregation for Celebration Church in Kenner. The congregation has seen over 180 people baptized in the past two years. Along the way he met his wife Dana in church and they have 4 beautiful children who all look like her (Thank God). Chaplain for the New OrleansPelicans. And all around Greta Guy. There IS always HOPE. Manley transforms .