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Do you need more money? The Ambassador of JOY, Barry Shore, is honored to share with You the irrepressible money expert and Millionaire Guru, Loral Langemeier. Loral is a sought-after speaker, entrepreneurial thought leader, and 5x New York Times bestselling author. If there’s anyone who can help you make money, it’s her. Join in the conversion as Loral talks with Barry Shore about what holds You back from the financial freedom you deserve. Together, they empower You and people around the world to become Millionaires. Yes, You read that right: Millionaires! LISTEN to this at least 3X. SHARE with at least 5 Loved Ones. Tune in!

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Your Millionaire GURU With Loral Langemeier

Good day beautiful, bountiful, beloved immortal beings and good-looking people. Remember, you’re good-looking. You’re always looking for and finding the good and abundance because you have tuned in consciously and conscientiously to the Joy of Living. This show is all about the most important person in your life, you. When you’re the best you, you make the world a better place. You build bridges of harmony and create more joy, happiness, peace and love in the world. When you’re the best you possible, you will become happier, healthier and wealthier. Who doesn’t want that?

The way to do that is by utilizing the three fundamentals of life as we discussed on this show. The three fundamentals are number one, your life has a purpose. Number two is when you lead a purpose-driven life, you go MAD, go Make A Difference. Number three, unlock the power and the secrets of everyday words and terms. It’s as simple as that. This would be carried over the internet. Hundreds of thousands of people around the world, over 350,000 people are tuned in. Thank you very much. It’s carried over the internet, that magical, mystical and mythical platform.

Ask anybody what WWW stands for and variably, they’ll tell you it has to do with the internet. Factually speaking, they’re correct. In our world of the positive, purposeful, powerful and pleasant, WWW stands for Whata Wonderful World. Whata is a word. A tip of the hat and thank you to Louis Armstrong “Satchmo” for enabling that song to go viral and touch not just tens and millions or hundreds of millions, but billions of people around the planet.

Whenever you hear the opening bars of that song, “Whata Wonderful World,” what do you do right away? You smile. You can’t help to do that. Smile is one of the most important, positive, purposeful, powerful, pleasant words you’ll be able to internalize, utilize and leverage in your life because SMILE stands for Seeing Miracles In Life Everyday.

When I speak before COVID, there are usually 5,000 to 6,000 people in the audience, people are invariably raising their hands and say, “Barry Shore, I have been up for hours. I haven’t seen any miracles.” I asked them, “Are you here? Can you hear, see, walk, stand still, get water to drink, food, a place to sleep, family, friends? Every single one of those is a miracle.” I tell the story about Barry Shore and the miraculous journey of me. People say, “That’s amazing.” It’s the journey of you. That’s what JOY stands for the Journey Of You.

Imagine the following. Standing up in the morning, hale and hearty, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, and that evening was in the hospital, totally and completely paralyzed. That’s me. It wasn’t from an automobile accident or a spinal injury. It was a rare disease that took over my body and rendered me a quadriplegic. Nothing in my body moved.

I was in the hospital for 144 days. I was at a hospital bed in my own home for two years. I couldn’t turn over by myself. I was four years in a wheelchair. I have braces on both my legs, hips and ankles. That was progress. Thank God now, I’m able to be vertical and ambulatory with the help of a 7-foot walking wand, a tripod, not a bipod, but I still can’t walk upstairs by myself. I can’t walk up a curb by myself. I have help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but you hear my voice. It’s positive, purposeful, powerful and pleasant.

It’s all because of one word, SMILE, Seeing Miracles In Life Everyday. What’s the greatest miracle? Imagine a million people didn’t get out of bed this morning. Why? They died. If you’re working and you’re tuned-in, by definition, you’re alive. If you’re alive, you have an obligation to live exuberantly. Now, I get to say a quick story. My 8-year-old niece comes over to me and she says, “Uncle Barry, can we spell smile S-M-I-E-L?” I thought about it. It sounds the same. I said, “Why not?” I asked her, “How come?” She says, “Because it stands for Seeing Miracles In Everyday Life.” It’s out of the mouth of a baby. What was she doing is she was creating the world she wanted to live in.

JOL Loral Langemeier | Millionaire GURU

Millionaire GURU: The biggest challenge for most people on not becoming a millionaire is that we’re all taught to be employees.

CREATE stands for Causing Rethinking Enabling All To Excel. We have 100 billion brain cells and over 120 trillion synapses connecting them all. They’re there for more than deciding what latte you want. It’s the ability to use your mind and your brain to do what we call Neuro-Linguistic Programming, which drives the fundamental understanding of what drives you to become a millionaire. You’re going to learn that with our amazing guest, and transform lives through practical tools that are going to make a difference for you. The difference again is go MAD.

I want to welcome you with our humble guest or host. That is a four-letter word because we live in a purposeful and powerful way with these four-letter words that we use regularly. These are life, love, free, gift, grow, swim, pray, play and I use the FUNN. People will say, “Barry Shore, fun is spelled with three letters.” Not in our world. In the world of positive, purposeful, powerful and pleasant, fun is spelled FUNN.

Before we bring in our amazing guest, I want to urge you to use the most powerful English language. Use these three times a day from now. You will enhance your life, the life of your friends and the whole planet. It will stage for you the mindset to become a billionaire. The two words are, “Thank you.” It’s gratitude. THANK stands for To Harmonize And Network Kindness.

Imagine going back into our coffee shops with no masks. You walk in and you ordered a fancy latte for $5. You sit down. Somebody brings it to you. You say, “Thank you.” You walk into the coffee shop and you order your fancy latte for $5. You sit down and a few minutes go by, nobody brings it to you. You go to the counter and they say, “I’m sorry, we’re busy. We’ll bring it to you.” You sit down and a few more minutes go by. Somebody bring it to you. You still say, “Thank you.”

You’re walking out of the coffee shop and it’s raining out. Somebody holds the door open for you. You say, “Thank you.” You’re walking out of the coffee shop. It’s raining out. Somebody slams the door on you. You say, “Thank you.” You’re stuck in traffic. You’re late for an appointment. You say, “Thank you.” You get up in the middle of the night. You stub your toe and it hurts. You say, “Thank You.” To Harmonize And Network Kindness. KIND stands for Keep Inspiring Noble Deeds. I cannot think of anybody on the planet that I want to share with you that inspires noble deeds for most of humanity that the amazing and wonderful, Loral Langemeier. Wonderful Loral, please say hello to the 355,800 people around the world.

I love that. How are you? It’s great to be with you. I’m having the Ambassador of Joy here. I’m going to teach you how to have joy with money.

Let’s talk about joy and money because they go together. If anybody said FU to you, you smile. Let me tell you a bit about Loral because if I told you everything about her, it would take up the whole hour. Loral is a money expert. Many people in the country can say that and mean it. She’s the money expert and sought-after speaker. She’s beautiful, but we’ll not talk about that. She’s an entrepreneurial thought leader and a five-time New York Times Bestseller. That doesn’t happen for most people in three lifetimes. She’s on a relentless mission to change the conversation about money and empower people around the world to become millionaires. Unless you think it’s not possible, let’s jump right in. Loral, thank you for being here. Let’s start with what you think is the most important aspect of becoming a billionaire and this mindset. Would you be kind enough to talk to us about mindset, then we’ll jump right in and talk about processes?

Even though I was in The Secret, I got five New York Times. I’ve got Yes! Energy. I have a whole bunch of them back there on my shelf. I take mindset out of mindset because I think too many people right here are around money. The truth is they need to be in their bank account, in action and out interacting. If you need more money, someone else has it. You need to provide a product and service and serve them. I eliminate all these mindset excuses by getting people in the right action. I’m in the middle of a marketplace event that I’m going to invite your 350,000-plus people to do. It’s a thirteen-hour marketplace. They’re right in the middle.

I teach them some very simple techniques where they’re making money. The majority of them, on average, will make between $500 and $1,000. Some people reading will say, “That’s not a lot.” Out of the blue, you’re going to make money. I have some fast techniques because what that does to someone’s mindset is it’s pretty much toxic because now you have money and evidence. You have new money coming in because someone has paid you, then now you’re going to deliver. You get out of your mindset.

If you need more money, someone else has it. So you need to provide a product and service to serve them. Share on X

To me, mindset is that thing you sit around and think about. When people think about your mindset, you have a little square. This is you in the middle and this is all you can think about. My job and my team’s job is to push more knowledge in you because you can’t think about what you didn’t even know about. Most people know nothing about money.

It’s important. I call you Double L.

I’m Loral Leanne so I’m Triple L.

That’s why it was a softball setup because I wanted you to hit it out of the park. People get stuck in their mindset, and Loral is saying, “I will kick your butt. Get out of there because unless you get your action in gear, you’re not going to make money.” We’re talking about money flowing to you. We want you to build your own financial infrastructure and money flow. Loral says there are only two ways to do it. You need to have a product and a service. We’re talking about both of the oldest two professions in the world, a product or a service.

I love CBD and I’m in the cannabis space. I own some Nevada cannabis licenses. I don’t care if you sell somebody else’s product. I have a whole bunch of affiliates selling my millionaire maker. I have a game. Before I had my stuff from ‘96 to 2000, I sold Rich Dad, Poor Dad. I was the master distributor of the game. If somebody is out there and says, “I don’t know anything but I love Barry’s work,” then sell his JOY programs. Sell something that can give you money. I don’t care if you’re a sales rep for other people for a while. I’m in a ton of direct sales companies. I sell wine, this little lotion and potion, and these little energy packs. I love all that stuff because it’s different ways to make money.

I want everybody to understand, Triple L is something. If they didn’t know this before, they are literally jumping out of their seat right now or putting on a seatbelt because this is only the beginning. I want to share something with you. In my humble opinion and it’s right, there is nothing more beautiful on this Earth than sales. As she said, it has to be yours. Sell because when somebody is looking to somebody else, a product or a service, we are talking about something that’s beneficial. When you sell it, you’re getting out of your own way and causing action. An action that brings you a lot of money flowing in. Loral teachers how to have money flowing in abundance. Loral, is that your whole thing?

To become a millionaire, you have to do more than make money. The biggest challenge for most people in not becoming a millionaire is we’re all taught to be employees, so you’re thinking, “I’m going to take these employee’s skills. I’m going to move over here and be a great entrepreneur.” It doesn’t work like that. I do a marketplace. I do a lot of work, transitioning employees to entrepreneurs, and then getting you to make money. Money doesn’t come from a paycheck when you’re an entrepreneur. Like you and I, Barry, we’re so unemployable. Thank God.

There’s a mortgage company that wanted to hire me. They said, “Could you send a resume?” I’m like, “A resume?” I don’t even know the last time when I wrote a resume. It would be the 1980s during college. I don’t even know what that is. I know what a bio is. I know what a management deck is. I know how to present myself. I teach people how to become entrepreneurs. It’s probably one of my favorite things in addition to making millionaires.

JOL Loral Langemeier | Millionaire GURU

Millionaire GURU: The politics around COVID hurts the entrepreneur.

Once you make money, you got to keep it. I do a whole infrastructure. I do legacy planning. I make your kids millionaires. I love alternative investing, but one of my favorite things to do on the income side is teaching people how to become $100,000 entrepreneurs. How do you make your first $100,000 in a year? Once you make your first $100,000, you’re going to live on a bunch of it. That’s the problem with most small business owners. They live on most of it, so they don’t have enough leftover. Let’s say they live on $60,000 and they’re making $70,000, that’s not enough. You’re going to have to have that $80,000, $90,000 and $100,000 to hire teams of people to do all this stuff you don’t want to do.

Being an entrepreneur isn’t about being enslaved to a business that you don’t know how to run. Think about it. I want everybody to write this down. To have a business, to be an entrepreneur, not a solopreneur but a business owner. Solopreneurs shouldn’t even begin. That’s not even a word. It’s not even a thing. This is what I teach. If you own a company as an entrepreneur, you’re going to have all these things that the company is going to have to do, not you. You have to hire this.

You’re going to have marketing, which is getting people interested in you. You’re going to have sales, which is people buying things from you. You have to do accounting because you have to count the money, pay bills, and live on the cashflow. You sold a bunch of stuff. You marketed, you sold, and you did accounting. Now you better get out and fulfill operations. You have all the technicals that have got to go around it and glue it together, which I don’t have a clue how to do. You’re going to have to have all the customer service. At a minimum, you have six departments.

In this environment, and it’s always been this way, legal is the bane of existence. Loral and I have a mutual friend, Aaron Young.

I set that up now. I own that company now. I send them all my way. I’ll do it all because you’re going to get your entity, trust, insurance, and your kid’s legacy when your kids are eighteen. This is going to be a shocker, Barry. I don’t think you know this about me. When my son was eighteen, he got an LLC for his birthday.

I love Triple L because she walks her talk. The genius of life is not to make money only. It’s to keep it. We’re going to talk about that in more depth, but what she was doing by giving a birthday present to her son was allowing him to get out of his mindset that, “Mom has money. It’s up to me now to do something.”

You have to imagine. His name is Logan and mine is Loral. We’re close. When you look us up, my SEO comes up first. He’s dating this new girl. She’s like, “Your mom looks intimidating.” He’s like, “Don’t worry. She’s rich, I’m not so we’re not even going to talk about it.” He’s very structured. He’s coming right behind me. It is interesting how kids think because their parents have money, and I’ve learned this from my mentors. Bernie Dorman, I’ve known Bernie since I was a baby in this industry. I remember meeting him way back in the day when I was just becoming the cashflow person.

He’s like, “Why are you selling Robert’s shit? Why don’t you sell your own shit?” I said, “I don’t have my own shit, Bernie. I don’t have my own stuff.” He said, “Be there for a while and wait.” In 2001, I launched my own stuff. In 2006, I got my first New York Times and I’ve never looked back. I’m going to launch another book called How You Make Your Kids Millionaires. My point is a lot of people don’t realize that you got to grow these kids up. My kids will not get their big trust funds and what they’re going to get. The last hurrah where they get it is 42 years old. People are like, “What?” I didn’t do this so I can have spoiled brats. They have to be responsible and it needs to be for legacies and charity.

We got a lot of work to do to fix this. The world is a mess right now with this whole COVID that keeps getting expanded and extended. There’s a thing. The politics that are around it that are hurting the entrepreneur, I don’t think I’ve ever been so active on a very serious note. I’m helping entrepreneurs survive in an environment where the political people in Washington could not wait to take down the entrepreneurs of the United States.

Sell the simplest, easiest thing that you could just sell right now. Share on X

That’s why they’re letting all this unemployment going on and on forever and ever because we can’t hire anybody. I’ve had job ads out forever by a development company. I owned a huge development company in Boise. We need to hire nine construction guys right now, nobody wants to work. The entrepreneurs are under a massive attack politically and economically, and we got to band together.

What Triple L is talking about is something that is fundamental to your success. Remember, this show is not about Loral. It’s not about Barry. It’s about you. What happens in the United States of America and if it goes sideways is going to be multiplied in other countries of the world. When the United States was fully entrepreneurial, other countries had an opportunity to join in the launch that is created by being an entrepreneur and showing things. Now Loral is saying something to us on what everybody is saying. If I say it’s one thing and when Loral says it, it’s truly amazing because she’s running a number of companies and working with tens of thousands of people. I’m going to use these words, Loral. It’s this malice or forethought. This is purposeful and we are under attack. The entrepreneurial system is under attack.

Where it could have been many years ago, it was always fraught with difficulties going out there and being your own person. Let’s be blunt. You fall down and you pick up. It was always fraught with issues. The issues we’re facing now are multiplied because the obstacles being put in our way are purposeful, not just dumb politicians. These are dumb ruthless politicians. I didn’t want to get into politics per se, but it’s important to know that what Loral teachers and what you need to learn are techniques that will even allow you to outwit the dumb politicians, and they are. All they care about is one thing, squeezing the goose. We’re the goose.

I knew I already liked you. Bernie and I have a mutual dear friend who has passed, bless him. I love you even more with this conversation.

I’m touched. You got to understand. Loral is just a being. By the way, is she intimidating? No. Is she intimidating? Yes. In the sense that she’s a multi-billionaire. She teaches that. She has a passion to help you. If you’re serious about getting off your assets and using your assets to grow your old life and live life to the fullest. This is what Loral is doing. There are few people that I can call on. Loral is one of those beings. We can literally battle the giant. This giant is there not to help you. Remember, the ten most horrible words in the English language are, “I’m from the government and I’m here to help you.” It’s a disaster.

Let’s go and talk about an action plan because that’s what you’re all about. In other words, action is the key to moving forward and making money. Get everything you want to know about Loral. Go to my website, By the way, generous to a fault, not to a fault but generous. She has a free gift. She has a course available and she’s a giver. That’s who entrepreneurs are. We are givers. Give us three quick points that anybody could put into action by reading this. Tell us three things.

It’s easy. First of all, what is it that you’re great at? Not what you want to do. You don’t get to do passion and big inventions and change the world right now. I call it the 21st Century lemonade stand. What’s the simplest and easiest thing that you could sell right now? If you’re in love with Barry stuff seriously, say, “Barry, I want to be an affiliate. I’m going to sell your stuff but I want a percent.”

You can come to me and sell my stuff. I sold Kiyosaki stuff. I sold direct sales company stuff. What is it that you could sell now? I don’t even care if you go clean somebody’s house. My daughter totally knows this. She will help you tutor your kids. She’s a genius at Math. We live out in a ranch area. She’ll go get their chickens, get their eggs and mow the lawn. What can you do? It’s a simple 21st Century lemonade stand stuff that you can do to make some money now. What is the simplest thing, and then price it. I’m at my event and these people are all worried about, “How do I price something?” I said, “Go to this interesting thing called Google.” I call Google the bathroom wall because anybody can write anything about it. There is some interesting comedy out there.

JOL Loral Langemeier | Millionaire GURU

Millionaire GURU: There are many simple things around you, but you’re not positioned.

Look around like this one woman. Her name’s Barbara. This is a true story. She’s at my event. She walks dogs. In less than thirteen hours, because we’re finishing up the event, we’ve gone from dog-walking. I said, “If you’re walking dogs, that’s somebody handing you the keys to your house and your dog is like your kid. If you’re going to walk in, grab their dog, take it out and walk it around, what else could you do? You already have a client. You’re doing one thing for them. Why don’t you go get their mail? Why don’t you get their dry cleaning? Why don’t you stop by and get their groceries? Why don’t you offer to do other things inside their household? Why don’t you go from a $10 dog walk to $100 by doing more for the same client? It’s simple stuff.

There are many simple things that are right around you, but you’re not positioned. I’m talking to the beginners and also the mature ones. I have a lot of real estate agents who are like, “I’m so cash poor. I go from deal to deal.” I said, “What are you doing in between deals? Why aren’t you selling information? Why aren’t you telling people where are the best places to buy them?

What you dropped for people is pearls of wisdom. That’s called POW, Pearls Of Wisdom. Did you hear what she said? Dog walker. You have trust in people. What more can you do? By the way, do you know that Honest Pets is the best dog food in the world? You’re now becoming a distributor for Honest Pets dog products. You can be a real estate agent or insurance agent.

For a lot of people who don’t have all those systems, I started our show talking about what it takes to run a company. There are 6 to 7 divisions in every company. You say, “Little me from where I am, what do I do?” You just begin. You begin with the simple stuff. I didn’t have stuff. I was in the spare bedroom of my apartment in San Francisco when I got the gig to work with Robert and Sharon at Rich Dad, Poor Dad. I also had a contract with Chevron. I was straddled. I have a background. I’m an Exercise Physiologist. I’m building fitness centers for Chevron and I’m now distributing the game. I’m like, “What am I doing?” I quit my job at Chevron, I focused on the game and I sold hundreds of thousands of games, which then got me into financial coaching.

I share that not to brag about it, but to give you the journey. The journey is to just begin. I don’t know, was selling the CASHFLOW game the thing I wanted to do? No, I’m doing the thing I want to do. I built the company. Many years later, I’m doing the love of my life. 2006 is when I nailed it. When I hit The Millionaire Maker, number one bestseller, this is what I got to do it. You said, “Loral, that was from 1996 to 2000.” You got to be groomed to be an amazing entrepreneur.

Some of you think that magically, you’re going to pop out of the box and you’re going to be this amazing entrepreneur, not if you have ever been trained or mentored. That’s why I do a lot of mentoring and coaching to shape you up and train you to be an amazing entrepreneur. It takes a little time. If I have to train you to be an entrepreneur, then let’s sell something simple. What we don’t need to do is go do a big invention where you need to raise capital. You’ve got patents, IP lawyers, and all these big things. You don’t even know how to walk a dog, much less do that. I’ll say that sarcastically but seriously it was simple. Do the easy stuff to make the first money. Once you get to be an entrepreneur, we’ll do the more sophisticated things.

There’s a quote you used. I know you’ve used it many times, but I had to write it down myself because it’s so great. I’m many years older than you. When I was a kid, I did this. She’s talking about the 21st Century lemonade stand. Loral, I love you. Do you hear me?

You know the truth, Barry. You’ve been around a long time, longer than me, but it doesn’t matter. Most people don’t have the endurance. I’m an endurance machine. I think as I grew up on a farm in Nebraska, I was born with this amazing work ethic. I love the work I do. Ask my husband, he’s like, “Do you do anything else?” I said, “This doesn’t work like cutting deals.” I got to tell you about the two assets I bought. I’ve been a shark before they gave us a name. I love this. I’m not just doing it because I don’t have anything else to do.

I have seen it for many years. People struggle. They want to do this big thing. They want to build a new car. It’s like, “Build a new car. You don’t even know how to be an entrepreneur.” Start with the easy stuff. It’s the 21st Century lemonade stand. Here’s the truth. Most people don’t have the grit. It’s like Susie Orman and Dave Ramsey would say they don’t have the intelligence. I don’t believe that. I think anybody could be an amazing entrepreneur. Anybody can, but do you have the endurance? Do you have the duration? Do you have the recoverability from all of the bruises you’re going to get? I’m there. I have high endurance. I’m highly durable. We’re going to have to show this interview in other places. You’re getting me to talk about things I’d never talk about.

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Triple L is like Barry Shore.

We’re durable. We’ve been through things. A lot of people aren’t durable. Don’t have some big fantasy idea and you don’t even know the basics about how to market, especially in this environment. Marketing is all social media. There are other things, but it is highly driven by AI on social media. I have an entire full-time team that works all of the social channels and they’re not the same strategy. It’s all different. If you don’t have those people and the money to pay for them, 21st Century lemonade stands.

I had a woman who wants to do some coaching. I don’t want to tell you a lot about her because she’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. In the meantime, she wouldn’t sell her stuff. I’m like, “Action number one is the 21st Century lemonade stand. I’m going to give you action number two. If that doesn’t work, just sell something. Clean out your garage, eBay your house or whatever you want to do.”

I had one girl. She started house sitting because she loves dogs. She started doing some dog-walking. It’s nothing that she wanted to do, but she knew a bunch of people who had dogs. I said, “When they go away, offer to dog-sit like house-sit. When they come back, tell them that you’ll clean their house, if they want to organize, you love organizing. Organize their closets, and then you make all this extra money.” She stacked up staying in the night and doing this dog sitting, organizing, cleaning, where she would make upwards of $500 for a night or two. It’s not the greatest business and I don’t know how sustainable she’ll make it, but she’s making money.

Do something to make some money. I call step number two is abandon your funnel. Even though we’re working on the 21st Century, we’re working on what you want to do. Abandon it. I need you to make some money. Even if you eBay something, that’s not now. I’m talking about you’re going to go provide some service. There are tons of people who need help. I have a couple in Chicago. You’re going to love this. It’s called Hubby for Hire. Literally, she will go around and get the jobs because, who does not have a honey-do list? Mine doesn’t stop. My honey is not around enough to do all the honey-dos.

She’ll go out and go get jobs around all sorts of communities. She’ll take deposits of $100 or $200. They’ll book out what to do. She will book out her husband who will come and do all the honey-dos at the house. I can tell you that it has become a retainer model every month. Everybody gets a list, “I need the light bulb. I need that base porch. I need that thing.” These don’t have to be sophisticated things. Honestly, if you like to clean a house, house cleaning is a billion-dollar industry. Go clean people’s houses. I don’t clean my house. I pay somebody amazing to make my house look fabulous. I don’t care what it is. Do landscaping. My point is if you like it, do it. It’s 21st Century lemonade stand. If you don’t know what to sell, do a whole bunch of odds and ends. Just make some money and abandon your cart.

Number three, I need you every day to work on your revenue muscles. Meaning, every day, you have to make money. For my clients that are struggling with this, I give them this homework. I call it Rack Up Your Revenue. It’s a campaign where you have to make $10 a day or they can’t go to bed. You have to get up thinking, “I have to figure out how to make money,” because we’re not trained like that. Some people have such big blocks. I can tell you one group, the military.

Some of my older military people have had paychecks. They’re retired and they still get paychecks. For them to have to get up, I said, “Act like those checks don’t happen. If you had no money, how would you pay the bills? How would you eat?” To have that mindset of, “I have to produce revenue.” I teach kids. I don’t care how old you are. It’s a phenomenal activity to learn that skill. How do you generate money by serving somebody else’s life?

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Millionaire GURU: AI drives marketing in social media.

I love teaching this. It’s the breakthroughs and they are phenomenal. Kids are the easiest because they’re so pliable. They don’t hear no. They’re like, “You don’t want that done. What else do you need done?” They’re also so honest. Somebody will say like, “No, I don’t need this cleaned up.” They’ll look around and said, “You got leaves all over your yard. You need me to rake your yard.” They’ll think of something. It’s so obvious. Here’s a funny one. We live way up in the mountain up Lake Tahoe and Heavenly mountain. You could ski down by her house, but it was at the bottom of the hill. People had to hike up this huge hill, hike down this hill, back up this hill and all the way around back to the left. It was miles and they had no idea what I was.

My son had just gotten a truck, not brand new but new to him. He’s like, “Mom, do you think it’s okay? What would it be if I went down there and I picked those people up?” I said, “You can’t let them get in with you. We don’t know them.” I said, “As long as you lock your doors. Charge $20 and tell them to get in the back of the truck and you’ll drive them back around to the left.” He made hundreds of dollars every weekend. He’d go to the bottom of the hill and say, “$10 to $20 for a ride trip.” They’re like, “How far is it?” He’s like, “It was 2.8 miles. You’re going to hike in your ski boots. Get in my truck for $20.” He’s 16 to 18 until he went to college. That was his winter.

He does round-trip for people. It’s super simple. If he didn’t want to work, he didn’t want to work. If he wanted to make a couple of hundred bucks, he’d go out and round-trip people in his truck. We didn’t fix insurance. We didn’t do all those weird things that parents think about, “He could have gotten in trouble.” Could have, would have, you’re solving. That’s the other thing too. I have to say this to all the parents out there or people. Stop solving problems that have not happened yet.

I love 21st Century lemonade. I love eBay your house. I’d love to take action. Get off your assets. What you said is the ax ahead, stop solving what-if problems. Go out and break windows. I’m saying it in a nice way. Do something. I’m older than you. When I was growing up in Boston, Massachusetts. It snows there in the winter. We loved it when it snowed heavily, and school was called off. Why? Because those days when I was 10 or 11 years old, I was going to make $50 for shoveling snow. In the summertime, being a caddy at the golf course because we never give up. You got to think like this. If you want to eat, you got to work.

Do what Loral is teaching us. We have a program, Loral. You’re going to love this. We call it JAWS. It stands for Joy At Work Sessions. Here’s how people with paychecks go to work, but even entrepreneurs sometimes. Do you remember the music from Jaws? We want to turn that sound into this, “Whata Wonderful World.” I teach people how to live in joy daily and love work. By the way, JOY is a great acronym because it’s all about you. JOY stands for Journey Of You.

Look at Triple L. She’s talking about stuff that she had no idea we were going to do this. She was going to go on this path. I’m going to give you my basic stuff. We’re getting deep into the weeds here because she talked to us also about grit. It’s the number one underlying foundational aspect of being an entrepreneur, which means the ability to make money and keep the money. Making money is one thing. Keeping money is a different thing. I know many people who have made lots of money. You look at them now, and they’re broke. Do you know why? It’s because they’re making $100,000 a month, but they’re spending $150,000. That is dumb.

It’s almost as dumb as the political system. I talk about wine. I think wine is a wonderful thing. I love drinking wine because WINE stands for Winners Inspire Neverending Endurance. Triple L, would you please talk to us about what it means to monetize your message? I like the words, but what does it mean to monetize your message?

It’s whatever the thing that you’re going to do. I teach people how to make money in a few hours. The way I monetize it is I do a marketplace, which I’m going to invite all of you to. Go to Barry’s website and it’s called My Millionaire Meetup and Marketplace. I’m monetizing my message. You can bring a friend if you want to bring 2 or 3 friends. It’s $97 for the ticket. You show up and you will make money. The only way you won’t make money is you have to be laying down sleeping.

I monetize my message because I have a process to make money teaching you how to make money. A lot of people, especially women. I love picking on women because there’s a whole body of women who are victims, but men make more than women. No, they don’t. I have made it and you knew it. Bernie knew it. I make as much, if not more than my male counterparts. Why? Because I negotiate. I ask. I’m demanding about it. I’m confident about it. A lot of women sit back and do nothing, and that includes your job.

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The only reason you’re paid less in a job than men is you don’t ask. You’re so grateful. You’ve got one instead of, “No, I have the same skillset. In fact, I have more experience. He makes $120. I need $128.” You’re not willing to walk. That’s the other thing. I could teach women all day about how to monetize their message and make as much as stop being victims. It drives me crazy when women feel victimize about that because it’s not necessary. It’s another political narrative that doesn’t need to be talked about.

We do need to talk about it, but not at this time.

Let’s do another one. I do have to go talk to my marketplace people.

Do you know what you are? You’re an ASKHOLE. Here’s what it stands for, Always Seeking Kindness, Helping Others Live Exuberantly.

You’re a circle. Are you going to write a book with all these acronyms?

We have a dictionary which we’re going to sell together, by the way. I’m going to let you go because I love you, but I have three quick questions. Number one, will you come back again?


Number two, can I give you a hug in front of 365,000 people around the world?


Let me tell you what HUG stands for, Harmonizing Unlimited Giving. For the third question, you only get 60 seconds to answer this one. What is your most fervent desire?

JOL Loral Langemeier | Millionaire GURU

Millionaire GURU: Monetize your message and stop being a victim.

That’s a lot of categories. I’m going to stay in this conversation to change the conversation with money. I think that people are in significant pain and it’s not because they want to. It’s because they are not educated. Instead of this vaccine, that BS that they’re doing, I would love to have a vaccine that would inject financial literacy and wake people up to realize that debt is not bad. You can make money on your own. Being incorporated is how you live. What you have is right here. You just don’t know how to use it. If I could do that and inject somebody with some financial literacy, we changed the world on the planet fast.

You did. You are the doctor. You have the vaccine. Everybody goes to Triple L. There is nobody better at this game. It’s a game of love than Loral Leanne Langemeier. Thank you for being here. Go do your stuff. I’m going to do a recap while you’re gone. I think you like this even more than you thought.

Thanks, dad. I’ll be back.

We’re doing a quick recap here because you have tuned into the Joy Of Living with your humble host Barry Shore and wonderful Loral Langemeier. We’ve been talking about the ability for you to be happier, healthier and wealthier. Who doesn’t want that? The way to do that is by using the three fundamentals of life. Number one, your life has a purpose. Number two, if you lead a purpose-driven life, you’d go MAD, go Make A Difference. Number three, unlock the secrets and the power of everyday words and terms such as WWW, Whata Wonderful World, SMILE, Seeing Miracles In Life Everyday, as my 8-year-old niece says, “Seeing Miracles in Everyday Life.”

CREATE the world we all want to live in, Causing Rethinking Enabling All to Excel. Use Neuro-Linguistic Programming to build the kind world you want to live in, and use four-letter words because we live in a positive, purposeful, powerful, pleasant world. Fourletter words, love, life, hope, grow, free, gift, swim, pray, play, and tell the world FUNN. Where did you hear that? Barry Shore, the Joy Of Living and utilize the two most powerful words in the English language three times a day, consciously and conscientiously, “Thank you.”

Thank stands for To Harmonize And Network Kindness. Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind always. Learn to be literate in money. It’s the best thing you can do for yourself, for your family, your friends and the whole world. Become a money expert, and you can do it. Loral’s techniques have proven it thousands and thousands of times. Our blessing to you is to go forth, live exuberantly, spread the seeds of joy, happiness, peace and love. Go MAD, go Make A Difference.

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