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The Ambassador of Joy, Barry Shore, welcomes YouTube GURU, Evan Carmichael. You will be thrilled to hear Evan’s story of rising and falling as an entrepreneur. Growing up as an awkward kid, Evan turned himself into the world’s leading expert on gaining YouTube subscribers, revenue from advertising, and owning the largest salsa dance studio in Canada. Lean in to hear his secret: a mentor! Even better, listening to the mentor. Push that EGO aside and do the work! The numbers don’t lie, from 25 subscribers in April 2009 to 2,931,041 in April 2021. Enough said. Oh, he’s a raving salsa dancer as well!

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YouTube GURU With Evan Carmichael

Good day, beautiful, bountiful, beloved immortal beings and good-looking people. Remember you are good-looking because you are always looking for and finding the good. We have good and abundance overflowing. You are going to meet one of the most good people in the world, who is going to enable you to believe in you. When you believe in you, you are going to make the world a better place. You have tuned in consciously and conscientiously to the show.

The reason you tuned in is very simple. It’s because you care the most in the entire world about you. That’s wonderful because when you care about you, you will become the best you possible. You will be able to bring more joy, happiness, peace and love to the world. When you become the best you, you are joining, at this very moment, 349,613 people around the world who consciously and continuously tune in to the show. They know that on this show, we work with the three fundamentals of life.

These three fundamentals are number one, life. Your life has a purpose. Number two, when you live life with purpose, you can go mad. In this case, MAD is a wonderful acronym that stands for Make A Difference, lead a purpose-driven life and you make a difference. Number three is the ability to uncover, unlock the power, the secrets of everyday words and terms. A simple example, now, this show, and the hundreds of thousands of people around the world who are tuning in and thank you so much for being here, we deeply appreciate it, is being carried over the magical, mystical, mythical platform called the internet.

If you ask anybody, what does WWW stand for? They will tell you it has to do with the internet and factually speaking is correct but in our world, the world of the positive, purposeful, powerful and pleasant, WWW stands for Whata Wonderful World. Thank you to Louis Armstrong for enabling that song to go viral and touch not tens of millions, hundreds of millions or billions of people around the planet.

Again, the three fundamentals of life are life has a purpose. You can go mad when you live a purpose-driven life and uncover the secrets and the power of everyday words and terms. When you live this way, you will be happier, healthier and wealthier. I guarantee it. Our guest is going to share with you some of what he’s gone through in his ability to transform himself and his mission to be a transformative power to enable over one billion people around this planet to believe in themselves and create the world we all want to live in.

Again, usually, we have about 325,000 people and you are always inviting your friends and thank you very much. Now we are over 350,000 people reading. I want to share with you the following. Imagine standing up in the morning, hale and hearty, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound and that evening in the hospital completely and totally paralyzed. It’s not from a car accident or a spinal injury. It was a rare disease that took over my body and rendered me totally, completely paralyzed from the neck down. It’s called quadriplegic.

I was in the hospital for 144 days. I was at a hospital bed in my own home for two years. I couldn’t turn it over by myself. I was in a wheelchair for four years. I have braces on both my legs, hips, ankles and that was progress. Thank God now, I’m able to be vertical and ambulatory with the help of a 7-foot walking wheel made for me by a Zen master. I can’t walk up a curb by myself. I still can’t walk upstairs by myself. I have help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week but you hear my voice, positive, purposeful, powerful and pleasant, and it’s all because of one word, a common word that you use regularly I trust. That word is SMILE. It’s an acronym that stands for Seeing Miracles In Life Every day. Now I’m used to speaking to groups and in person. God willing, we get through this pandemic. We will be doing it again be able to do that again.

Before the pandemic, I was speaking to a group of 5,000 people, telling the story of Barry Shore. the ability to see miracles live every day, people were raising their hands and say, “Barry Shore, I have been up for hours. I haven’t seen any miracles.” I asked them, “Are you here? Can you hear, see, stand, walk, get water to drink, food, a place to sleep, family, friends? Every single one of those is a miracle.” What’s the simplest proof that you are seeing miracles in life every day? One million people didn’t get up this morning. Why? They died.

By definition, if you are reading this, you didn’t. Now you should live exuberantly. You are here. Take life by the horns and grow, and transform yourself. As you are going to know from our amazing guest how he did it. He went from literally almost nothing to being the YouTube guru. He had 25 subscribers in 2009. As of 2021, he has 2,931,041 subscribers on his YouTube channel and growing. It can be done.

I’ve got to tell a quick story, though. My niece comes over to me and she says, “Uncle Barry, can we spell smile, S-M-I-E-L?” I thought about it. It sounds the same. I said, “Fine.” I asked her, “How come?” She says, “It’s because it stands for Seeing Miracles In Everyday Life” and the mouth of babes. What was she doing? She was creating the world she wants to live in. CREATE stands for Causing Rethinking Enabling All To Excel because we all think God has a brain. Your brain has over a hundred billion brain cells in over 1.2 trillion synapses connecting them all. They are there for more than deciding what latte you want this morning, the ability to do neuro linguistic programming for yourself. You can create the world you want to live in.

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I want to share, interrupt myself, tell everybody and I do have to warn you, I use a lot of four-letter words. I even use the four-letter FU word and I do it because of the shock value and fun. Now the four-letter words that we use are because we live in a world of positive, purposeful, powerful and pleasant with love, life, hope, grow, free, gift, pray, play, swim. The four-letter FU word is “FUNN,” but right away, people were saying, “Barry Shore, fun is spelled with three letters.” Not in our world, the world of powerful, purposeful, positive and pleasant.

After the show, when you see your family and friends, you point your finger and say, “F-U everybody.” Remember to add N and N right away and they will say, “Where did you get that?” You say, “I tuned in to the Joy of Living with Barry Shore, and he must have taught the world to F-U-N-N.” You can’t get the joy unless you begin to have fun. Everything you are going to know from our guest is you don’t have to write anything down.

Lean in and let all the information flow through you to transform you. Before we bring him along, what I would like to do is urge everybody to do the following. I want you to use the two most powerful words in the English language. I want to use them consciously and contentiously three times a day from now to the rest of my life. These two words are, “Thank you.”

THANK stands for To Harmonize And Network Kindness. The Dalai Lama has been quoted as saying in writings, “Be kind whenever possible.” It’s always possible, he says. KIND is a great acronym that stands for Keep Inspiring Noble Deeds. I can’t think of anybody that inspires noble deeds to transform the planet more so than my friend, Evan Carmichael. Please say hello to 351,821 people around the world.

Thank you for having me on. It’s great to be here. This is awesome.

I told everybody that’s a four-letter word, Evan. We only have a few minutes with Evan Carmichael because, as I mentioned to everybody, he has done what other people call impossible. He’s got to tell you and show you that impossible means I’m possible because he’s done everything that you would think of in life to stumble, pick himself up, say he’s not worth it, is worth it and keep growing because he understands that believing in yourself is the key to life. You’ve got to talk about business and big numbers, that’s great but it’s about believing in yourself. That’s his mission.

His mission is not just to have the largest salsa studio in Canada, which he already does. He’s a salsa dancer. It’s not just to be the YouTube guru, which he is. Hanging around with all the people that you know, his mission is greater than that. His mission and his goal are to be transformative for over a billion people on the planet to make you aware that the reason you tuned in to the show is to believe in yourself. Evan, please talk to us about what it means to believe and what happens when you do that.

You said it so beautifully. I want to bring you with me everywhere to do an introduction. That’s fantastic. We are super well aligned because believe and joy are cousins or sisters. I think lack of belief is the world’s number one problem. People who are reading, you know you are capable of more, you’ve got big dreams, big ambitions, big inside you, not just for yourself but to serve, help others and the thing that you can make can then go bring joy to other people’s lives.

All we want to do every day is wake up and feel like what we do matters. Every human wants to wake up and feel like it is going to matter to somebody. For Barry and I, maybe we want to have a global impact, a giant impact but for others, maybe it’s impacting the 25 closest people to you. Regardless, we all want to wake up and feel like now matters. What we are going to do now will mean something to somebody else. We want to create to serve. We are built to serve.

The challenge is we don’t believe in ourselves enough to go off and do it. We don’t believe in our ideas and we have the capabilities. As soon as we come up with a great idea, not even telling other people, our own voice in our head tells us, “You can’t do this. You didn’t go to school for this. Who do you think you are?” Instantly, it’s our own thoughts. It’s not even the external world telling us that we suck. We tell ourselves that we suck. That’s the problem that I’m trying to wake up every day and solve one video at a time, one book, one interview at a time. Every time you hit one more person, that hopefully has that ripple effect out to the world.

JOL EVAN | YouTube Guru

YouTube Guru: The three fundamentals of life: life has a purpose, you make a difference when you live with a purpose, the power of everyday words and terms.

This is absolutely wonderful. I want to position everybody to understand that when Evan talks about these things, he’s the man everybody looks at now. Let’s not call him a man. He’s the person that people are looking at and says, “Look what he’s done.” I want everybody to understand, read the stories of what transformation is like.

When Evan reads this, he will know like you all know because thank God, we have over 340,000 people that come every week. We talked about the three fundamentals in the beginning. The first fundamental is life has a purpose. Your life has a purpose when you lead a purpose-driven life. Number two is you can go MAD. Now, in this case, MAD is a great acronym. It stands for Make A Difference. Everybody makes a difference and you do it by uncovering the power and the secrets of everyday words and terms. We talked about the idea of create, causing rethinking and enabling all to excel. That’s what you do best.

Here’s something else. Inside baseball stuff, Evan looks like a normal person. He’s not. That’s the good news because you don’t want to be normal. You want to be you. You want to be the best you possible. He happens to be a League of Legends transformative being. He’s a TMO. That’s inside baseball stuff with people and other things. He’s also a husband, father and friend. Those are the essential aspects that enable you to believe in yourself. Evan, tell people a little bit about the story. Let’s go into a valley for the moment before we go talking about the peak. Can you do that quickly?

It’s tons of valleys. My biggest problem still is a lack of belief to get to the next step. If you look at my YouTube career, it took me five years to get to 9,000 subscribers and then five years beyond that to get the two million. Now we are sitting at three million-plus. Five years of waking up, making content and not being very good, self-doubt and what made the shift. This ties super well into the joy message.

One of the biggest things that made a shift in my life between sucking for five years of making content and then having success was marrying my wife. This is one of the stories that are not on the website. The website is pretty long but maybe we’ve got to find a spot to put it there. A lot of entrepreneurs will say, “You need to sacrifice your relationships. You need to work all day. You can’t have kids and a husband or wife. You have been like, ‘Barry is unhappy with this message.’” Get it off my airwaves, not allowed here. This is the house of joy.

I marry Nina and she never gave me YouTube advice. She’s not the YouTube expert. She is not an entrepreneur. The thing that Nina gave me was honestly, more joy in my life. That then led me to become a better entrepreneur and show up with more belief in my content. When you are happier in your life, you show up as a different person. We all want to serve, help and MAD, Make A Difference. When you are at a painful point, it’s hard to help somebody else as fully as you can because you are empty already. You’ve got to fill up your own cup so that you can then help others drink as well.

A lot of people would say that you have to sacrifice the relationship. It’s made a big impact on me. I have been in other relationships before. It was a long-term relationship. Five-year-plus relationships with two different people. I would do my thing and then they would do their thing. If I had to go speak at some events like, “You go hang out with your friends.” In one of the first speaking gigs that I had with Nina, she said, “Can I come?” I was like, “You don’t want to come. It’s going to be business stuff. That’s super boring. You will have a lot more fun doing your thing.”

She’s like, “I want to come and see what you do.” I’m like, “Okay. Sure. Why not? If you want, come on out.” This is also my fault. I never realized how much joy it brings. When she came, sat in the front row and there’s somebody to talk to before you go on stage and you are nervous, even though she couldn’t give me any practical advice on what to do, having her there brought me more joy, gave me more courage and belief, which allowed me to go, be a better speaker and deliver a better result.

This is one of those things. This is a line of the song that says, “I never knew how much I was starving until I tasted you.” That’s what I think about joy. People would say, “We don’t need joy in our life.” I have enough joy in my life. It’s fine. I’m a joyful person but you are not. When you get a taste, it’s like, “That’s what I was missing.” Most people haven’t tasted enough. They haven’t tried it enough. They haven’t said yes to them. They think it’s too crazy. They look at you as like you are going to go on a video and start singing. Why not? What brings you joy? I met Nina through salsa dancing. I met her at my studio. A lot of people are afraid to dance. Dancing is one of the top things I’ve got.

What you are saying is so critical. Remember, Evan’s mission is not to have 100 million subscribers on YouTube. That’s a good result. That’s very nice. His mission is to bring you the transformative aspect of believing in yourself. I want to unpack a couple of things you mentioned to bring more joy to everybody. JOY in our world is an acronym that stands for Generating Ongoing Youth. It’s also the Journey Of You. That’s what joy stands for.

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You mentioned the idea of a shift. Shift is a wonderful thing. Shift happens but most people somehow drop the F in shifts. I don’t know why. They don’t pronounce it properly. Shift happens when you become open enough to be you against you are dancing, singing and skipping even if it looks like you are sitting at your desk. It’s the mind. You talked about self-talk. You are getting a copy of my book very soon called The JOY of LIVING: How to Slay Stress and Be Happy. We sent it to Canada. It takes an extra few weeks but when you get it, you will see the joy package.

We talk about self-talk. SELF-TALK is an amazing acronym because, as you pointed out, it is the most powerful, positive if you let it, the most profound talk you will ever hear. It doesn’t matter what anybody else says. SELF-TALK stands for knowing that you are a Soul Experiencing Life Fully, Teaching Always Love and Kindness. You mentioned showing up to be a surface. Don’t use the word sacrifice. Use the word surface. You did it. I tasted joy. Where is it? I want more.

You are the king of acronyms. I love it. It’s great. What’s funny about a shift. When you take out the F, you turn it into a four-letter word. People makeshift into a four-letter word where everything you want in life is on the other side of that shift. I’m talking about age. Bob Proctor is another Canadian. He doesn’t hang out with people his age. They have already resigned themselves to old age, where age is the mindset. He likes saying, “I right now, you will like this, I’m on a trampoline.”

I’ve got to tell people I was going to ask you, “Evan, would you do a little bounce, please? Give us a couple of bounces.” First of all, he’s moving. You’ve got to understand that Evan doesn’t own a salsa studio. He is salsa because he knows that moving is the essence of life. That’s key to moving. I don’t know if you heard the introduction, Evan, but when you listen again, I used to be completely paralyzed. I was a quadriplegic. I can’t get up from this chair, but I can push and do things like that but I can swim. My trampoline is swimming. I learned how to swim. I have to use adaptive devices. It doesn’t matter. I now swim 2 miles a day, six days a week.

Let’s use Bob Proctor’s example of something because he is so good. He is the embodiment of what I call a true retired person. Retirement, in most people’s minds, is associated with old age and sitting around on a lazy boy. Let’s shift and think of it like this. Think of the Daytona 500, those cars is going and comes into the pitstop. What happens? You’ve got a crew taking off the old tires and putting on new ones. That’s retiring and now zoom on the track. You are getting a whole new set of Michelin. Now you are retired. What are you going to do with life?

I haven’t heard that one before. That’s good. I like that, Barry.

Let’s talk about one of your key quotes that I feel is so important. I want to go a couple of more. I know that time is of the essence for you. One of them is two words. We are seeing it now in the world. It’s absolutely the key that unlocks the future for every human being, especially those reading, don’t quit. Talk to us about that because you have been in situations.

I think this one is important to separate the why from the how. People give conflicting opinions on don’t quit as advice but if you sat them in a room together, you would find that they agree more than they disagree. They are talking to different context points. Don’t quit refers to the why. I want to spread belief to the world. Barry wants to spread joy to the world. That’s never-ending.

You are not an old-age home. You remember you have been retired.

As long as I can still use my brain and function, I’m going to be trying to spread belief. I broke my neck years ago. I had a concussion and couldn’t move but I could still use my voice. I still finished my tour, hit nine more cities across the US and I still made videos. As long as I am breathing and my heart is still beating, I’m still spreading belief. Barry is doing the same thing for joy until his dying breath.

JOL EVAN | YouTube Guru

YouTube Guru: We all want to wake up every day and feel like what we do matters.

Let’s parse what you said because it’s so vital. We want to have the why and the how. The why is what motivates and keeps me going. That’s retirement. What about the how?

The how is what you should be more flexible to quit on. The why is belief for life. It’s a joy for life. You find your thing, that’s it for life. Finding your purpose is not that difficult. It’s whatever you struggled the most with. When did you feel the worst as a human? What were you missing the most? There’s some point in Barry’s life where he had no joy and that frustrated him so much. Now he’s the ambassador of Joy. It’s the same thing for me. I had no belief. Now I want to spread belief. Whatever you struggled the most with as a human is then what you want to help other people through. There are millions of people who you used to be, and they need your help and voice. That’s your why and that will never get old. That’s the drug you want to get addicted to.

That’s generating ongoing youth. That’s your why.

The how will change many times. The how now is doing the stream yard live stream together. The how in five years might be something else. The how in ten years could be we are going to be doing this via hologram. We are going to be being made into your living rooms.

I’m so looking forward to that, Evan. When we hug, they will see us in 3D.

We will be dancing. We will have all you dancing. The how will change and you should quit on the how’s when they don’t serve you anymore. They are not working or don’t feel aligned anymore. People often will confuse, don’t quit and don’t have a Plan B but yes for your why. This is where we are going. That’s our mission for life. How we get there is never the straight line. It’s this constant zig-zag, moving around, and you quit on many things along the way. That differentiator is important for people. You never put on your why but the house will ebb and flow.

You might like this. HOW is a nice acronym that stands for Helping Others Win because winners help others. The HOW, the same letters become WHO. Helping Others Win, Winners Help Others, that’s what Evan is.

You are blowing my brain with all these acronyms. It’s great.

Wait until you get the book, you will see many more. Let’s dive in.

Anytime I see a 3 or 4-letter word now, I’m going to be thinking, “What acronym could I turn that into?” It’s like, “I’m going to have an apple for lunch.”

We are built to serve. The challenge is we don't believe in ourselves enough to go off and do it. Share on X

Here’s what we need to do now, Evan. We want to make an acronym for your name, EVAN, Exciting Vibrant Amazing Networker.

Let’s work on one together. I’ve got some weird letters in my name. What’s E?

I think EVAN is an Exuberant Vibrant Amazing Networker.

You did it without me even noticing. Unbelievable.

Evan, that’s fully believable. By the way, I’m going to plant the seed in your brain. Let’s eliminate from your vocabulary the word “unbelievable.” Here’s the why, your mission is to believe in yourself. If we eliminate the word unbelievable, even though it’s a common term but let’s not even use the term. When everybody says to me, “unbelievable,” I say, “Fully believable.”

If you hear me say it, call me out.

It’s fully believable, Evan Carmichael. He’s coming to share with you. By the way, SHARE is a great acronym that exemplifies you, Spreading Happiness And Rejuvenating Energy. Here’s a great one, words of wisdom, words of wonder.

I’ve got to introduce you to somebody who I think might be a great guest on your show, too.

Let’s go to one more piece before we have to bid you fun to do. You have mentioned many times, I have read in your writings and it’s great. As you say, “All the ideas are great. It’s wonderful. What’s the key to life? Get started, take action, fall down, get up.” Elaborate a little more.

The biggest thing that most people are missing is momentum. You’ve got great ideas. If you are listening to Barry in this show, you know you want to serve. You are purpose-driven. You are capable of more. You know what you’ve got can help people and you desperately want it to go off and do it. You already have ideas in your head. It may not be fully formed. That’s fine but you have direction. The difference between where you are now and not being in the same place in a year is how much action did you take? How much momentum did you build? Most of us are sitting on our ideas because we are too afraid.

JOL EVAN | YouTube Guru

YouTube Guru: When you are happier in your life, you show up as a different person.

We are afraid of getting a rejection, seen, not working out, what people are going to say. As long as fear of, especially somebody else’s opinion is the reason why you are not taking action, you stay stuck in life. I have the analogy of you have your foot on the gas and the brake at the same time. Your wheels are spinning but you are never moving.

What an analogy. I’m stepping on the gas but you are also going to put another break. That’s dumb. We don’t like being dumb. We like being of service.

What does dumb stand for?

I have to think of something good. You are feeling it.

I’m drinking the Barry joy juice here. It’s great. The biggest thing missing from most people’s momentum and honestly, it’s probably better to be ignorant than to have the idea and not do it. At least you could be blissed out living your life. If you know that you could serve and be capable of more and you are actively not doing it, the way through is to try to fast-forward. Imagine it’s another year, 10, 20, 40 years. You still have this idea that you haven’t done anything with. You know you have potential inside you to use that potential regret to force you into action, to give you the courage that you need to go and say yes.

I would like to submit it to you, Evan. I would like you to say yes that by someone not taking action, they are not depriving themselves. They are depriving us, the planet and humanity. We need your idea because you are here to give. Evan is the essence of a go-giver. DUMB is Doesn’t Understand Manifesting Belief. I was channeling you. You don’t understand.

When you understand that you manifest the belief, that action becomes a natural result. It’s a concomitant. I like the analogy of dancing. I was thinking about it. I don’t do it that much anymore but when you learn to dance, what are you learning? You are learning this step and a new step. You say, “I can move my partner this way and that way.” You start thinking not just of yourself. You start thinking of a partner, in the realm of the team. By the way, do you know what TEAM stands for?

I was going to ask you what dance stands for but we will do that after. What does TEAM stand for?

Together Everyone Achieves Miracles. That’s a team. By the way, you mentioned it. I love how you give the honor to your mentor because that’s what it’s about. I’m going to ask you three questions. Will you come back for another session?


Everything you want in life is on the other side of that shift. Share on X

Number two, are you going to be able to have a hug for me in front of 353,000 people?

What am I doing?

I’m going to tell you what HUG stands for and then we will hug. Number three is I’m going to ask you to articulate a little bit about what it means when you believe in yourself and you act that way, then now what you are doing is creating an atomic reaction that causes others to believe.

If you have been on any personal growth plan or you are listening to Barry and you are on this joyful path, if you want to change the people around you, this is the next thing it’s like, “How do we change the people around us? How do we create this impact that ripples through the universe but especially our closest friends and family who don’t have a lot of joy well, and inject them with them?” Whoever is more confident wins over the other person.

If you are more confident in your joy than they are in their lack of joy, you are going to bring them over. You could stick Barry in the darkest, least joyful room on the planet, he will get everybody dancing at the end of the hour. It’s going to happen. He’s so confident in his joy that it makes them start to question their lack of joy. That becomes a check, whether it’s joy or belief or whatever the thing that you stand for when you can get that much belief in that thing, that it’s not something that you tell yourself but it has become you, then other people want some of that. People will look at Barry and say, “You are in a chair. How do you have so much joy?”

TIME stands for Thinking It’s Miraculous Every day. Are you ready for your hug? HUG stands for Harmonizing Unlimited Giving.

We did it. We hug.

More blessing for you, Evan. Go forth, live exuberantly, spread the seeds of joy, happiness, peace and love. Go MAD, Make A Difference. Thank you. Best wishes.

Thank you, Barry. Take care.

Be well.

JOL EVAN | YouTube Guru

YouTube Guru: The difference between where you are right now and not being in the same place in a year is how much momentum you built and how much action you took.

Good day, beautiful, bountiful, beloved immortal beings and good-looking people. Remember you are good-looking because you are always looking for and finding the good. What a session and dream we had? Evan Carmichael is in my humble opinion the embodiment of what every thinking, caring, believing, being can do. He now has achieved things in numbers that people drop their jaw. They are in awe of but again, I want to urge people. He is called the YouTube Guru. He’s a transformative being. He is living life to the full because of believing in himself.

Did he always? No. You will read stories about him and what he’s gone through and then not think of physical issues. They are mental issues because that will separates those who do and those who don’t. It’s here. When you become your own spiritual chiropractor and you align your thoughts in good, in your words in good and your deeds in good, then now you become a good generator. You can begin to generate ongoing youth. That’s joy and then you realize that you are on what we call the journey of you. That’s JOY, the Journey Of You.

That journey will be whatever you choose many times on this show and, thank God, we have hundreds of thousands of people tune in regularly. You have asked your friends to join and we really appreciate that. I urge everybody to share this show with five people like family and friends. SHARE stands for Spreading Happiness And Rejuvenating Energy. If everybody does that, we will touch one and a half million people. That’s where it becomes interesting because when you become a channel of goodness, a cog, not a small part in a big machine but an essential part.

When you know that you are an essential part of that machine and that machine is designed to bring about bounty, benefit, beauty in the world and that you are an essential part of it, you will willingly do what needs to be done. As Evan mentioned to us, it depends on action. It depends on you and the six most important words, choice, not chance, determines your destiny. You are the one who will say, “This is my why. This is why I am here. This is who I am. I am bountiful. I am beneficence. I am healthy. I am wealthy. I’m happy.” While you say it and feel it, you need to verbalize, visualize and emotionalize that. Choice, not chance, determines your destiny. You will believe that it will happen because it will. It must. It is a law. LAW is an acronym that stands for Love And Wisdom. It’s a Natural Law.

When you become, that’s what you are thinking about day-by-day, every single day, no matter the circumstances. Patience under all circumstances and vicissitudes does not matter. It only matters upon what you have chosen, decide to do in your life. It happens. You become attractive. It’s far more interesting and easier to attract people, things, money, whatever it is that you think you want or need than to run after and pursue. Attraction is far more interesting, far less painful than continually pursuing.

Pursuit needs a lot of energy, excess energy, working hard, long and moving. You can do all that by attraction. You can still be moving, working hard but understand when you begin to attract, your life works more in harmony than in trying to balance. For me, the idea of balance is a great word. By the way, balance to me, conscious of a juggler, imagine a juggler that takes three balls. That’s pretty easy. A juggler can do for four. You can do 8, 10, 12. I have been told that by master jugglers because three becomes the natural base for everything. It all works upon.

Interestingly enough, three is a triangle but if you are juggling, you are juggling in a rectangle or a square. You are juggling from one corner to another corner and you know where it exists, whether you have 3, 4, 5 or many more, or different objects, you are juggling in the same place because you created the space that allows the action to happen almost effortlessly because you are attracting balance. In my belief, you are attracting harmony. You put your juggler on a board and then put that board on top of something that rolls. You have seen people do a balancing board.

Somebody who’s balancing can do that and juggle at the same time. I can’t do it at the moment. Maybe you can’t either but you know people that can but that’s juggling. We are looking at harmony. Harmony is when it all happens, it happens effortlessly and the person speaking while they are doing it. Even if they drop or that person drops something, unless there’s a piece of glass, it’s okay. You can bend down and pick it up. Imagine that, you are juggling, something happens and pick it up or the great jugglers, when they are juggling in those clubs, it falls out, it goes to their foot and the foot picks up.

It’s the ability to not have balance but to move into the higher realm, which we call harmony. Harmony is delicious, delightful and delectable. Everything you would want in life exists in harmony. Evan said it very nicely. He said, “It tasted something.” I thought I was happy and joyful. I didn’t realize this, Ambrosia, it’s called. What a wonderful word. That’s what you want to taste in life. It is available to every thinking, loving, caring human being. It’s your destiny. Choice, not chance, determines your destiny.

When you choose to be living in purpose pleasantly, powerfully, positively, then your world shifts. Remember pronounced that F, shift happens when you choose. Choose to be what you want. Thank you. Remember the things that we discuss here, the three fundamentals of life. Number one, life. Your life has a purpose. Number two, when you live with purpose, you can go mad. MAD is a great acronym that stands for Make A Difference. Number three fundamental is to unlock the power and the sequence of everyday words and terms.

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A simple example, WWW, What a Wonderful World, SMILE, Seeing Miracles In Life Every day or as my niece says, “Seeing Miracles In Everyday Life.” CREATE the kind of word you want to live in, Causing Rethinking Enabling All to Excel. You have your brain to over 100 billion brains over 1.2 trillion synapses. They are more there for more than deciding what latte you want. Use four-letter words, love, life, grow, hope, help, free, gift, Evan, swim and many more, and tell everybody FUNN. The way to get that? I listen to Barry Shore, The Joy of Living. He wants to teach the world to FUNN.

Use the two most powerful words in the English language three times every single day, consciously and conscientiously for the rest of your life. You will not only change you for the better but your family, friends and the entire world, by doing this. These two most important, powerful, positive, purposeful pleasant words in the English language are, “Thank you.” Here’s an example. We are going, God-willing, back into the coffee shops. You walk into the coffee shop. You ordered a fancy latte for $5 and you sit down and somebody brings it to you. You say, “Thank you.”

You walk into the coffee shop. You order your fancy latte for $5 and wait a few minutes. Nobody brings it to you. You go to the counter. They say, “I’m sorry, we are busy. We will bring it to you.” You go to sit down. A few more minutes, someone brings it to you. You still say, “Thank you.” You are walking out of the coffee shop. It’s raining out and somebody holds the door open. You say, “Thank you.” You look out at the coffee shop. It’s raining. Somebody slams the door on you. You say, “Thank you.”

You are late for an appointment, stuck in traffic, somebody cuts you off, you say, “Thank you.” You get up in the middle of the night, you stub your toe and it hurts you say, “Thank you,” To Harmonize A Network Kindness. Remember KIND stands for Keep Inspiring Noble Deeds. Connect to nature daily, go outside, breathe deep, feel the power of being human. Our blessing for you is to go forth, live exuberantly, spread the seeds of joy, happiness, peace and love. Go MAD, Make A Difference.

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