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Barry Shore


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Christmas Suicide: 3 Step Guide to Well-Being

Christmas—It’s a time for family reunions, socializing, and having fun together. But the question is… Does it reflect reality?

Or are these happy times hiding a harsh reality?

There’s deep PAIN from Thanksgiving through the first week of the New Year. Millions of people are filled with these oppressive emotions. Tens of Millions are FEELING these debilitating waves of angst.

Many studies show that the holiday season is a period when people are more likely to commit suicide and feel despair.

Actually, it’s for a very straightforward reason…

People who are already dealing with high expectations in life, loss of loved ones, sadness, and anxiety are too busy to seriously consider these problems.

And when they have time, their feelings explode.

The root of the entire problem is there. They are unsure of how to deal with it. We call it emotional intelligence.


But how can we help?

I’m Barry Shore, the man who was completely paralyzed overnight from a rare disease and built a system to enable YOU to Live in JOY, daily.

You can cope with these challenging times in a variety of ways, but the challenge comes when it comes to TAKING ACTIONS… It’s true that TAKING ACTION is incredibly difficult.

Not because there’s something wrong with you, but because it’s so difficult to follow the advice out there.

It’s either too complicated or doesn’t work for everyone.

So, for us let’s find Easy, Simple, Pleasant ways that actually work!

Steps that everyone can take to prevent it from happening.

Let’s first explore the word JOLLY. I think it’s a lot of fun to discover the Power of Words.

Your life will actually undergo a partial transformation if you view WORDS the way I do.

We don’t always know how to help ourselves, since we are too mired down in our own stubborn thoughts.

Transformation happens when we see words and situations from an entirely different angle.

You’ll see right away that nothing is fixed and that you can choose how you choose to interpret events.

The word JOLLY, thus, has JOY with a double L. LL stands for what, then? It is a living love. Yes, Living Love with JOY… How lovely is that?

Ok now let’s dive deep and focus on three actions everyone can do and spread to others. And I have no doubt that this will make a real difference.


Consciously agree to BE KIND from now through the first of the New Year.


But Barry, I’m already kind, I hear you say. You are true, however, it is inadequate. Let’s now ratchet that UP.

I’ve got a quote for you that, by itself, will have a profound impact.

And always keep in mind this remark whenever you meet someone:

“EVERYONE you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about.”

Many people pretend to be victims, as though everything awful is happening to them.

And the actual reason they pretend to be the victim is that they think they’re special in some manner. They feel like the exception. The genuine problem surfaces at that point.

They cannot recognize the importance of humility. Since we are all human, we will all encounter problems at some point in our lives. And everyone is engaged in struggle, just like you.

Accepting this universal reality causes a plethora of new opportunities to appear in your life.

The eventual result is to consciously decide to BE KIND.

Although it appears to be a small change, in reality, it benefits everyone around you as well as YOU on a whole different level.

If you focus on it closely, you’ll see the benefits for yourself.

So nurture yourself and those around you with kindness! 

Take the initial, most crucial step, and you’ll discover the greatest JOY in your life.

It will spread to everyone around you, and it can become extremely contagious. And that’s how we help those in need of support when they feel the most despair.

I am sure if we all come together and focus on being kind and loving instead of on our differences, we can give each other the strength to fight through tough times without losing our joy.


Internalize, use, and leverage the most POWERFUL Force on the Planet

Learn that SMILE stands for: Seeing Miracles In Life Every day.

It won’t cost you a thing, and the rewards are tremendous. It adds up to making JOY part of your life on an everyday basis. And that is what this man, who was completely paralyzed overnight from a rare disease, wanted us all to experience:

Living in Joy, daily.

So let’s take action together and spread the Joy starting now!

Start smiling at everyone you see. Spread positive vibes and be kind to all. And soon enough, you and those around you will feel happier and more fulfilled than ever before.

Let’s make this world a better place by taking action with JOY today!

With this ATTITUDE and Knowing that Your SMILE makes a difference, You can Save Lives.

Loneliness melts before a SMILE. Anxiety flees from Your SMILE. Suicidal thoughts evaporate from Your SMILE.

If you want to see for yourself how effective this can be, visit my site and watch the interview with Jack Canfield.

He’s the co-author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series and he’s seen firsthand how a simple smile can change someone’s life for the better.

So don’t forget to smile and spread the Joy! Together we can make a real difference in this beautiful world of ours.




This one is so much FUNN. (hey why do You spell FUNN in a funny way? More on that another time).


This one is so much FUNN.

Learn to Love DOG POOP.


What!? I know you must  be thinking, what kind of crazy advice is this?

But bear with me and you shall find out. Yes. Because DOG POOP is an acronym which stands for:

Doing Of Good. Power Of One Person.

WOW! It’s a reminder that even though we are only one person, each of us has the power to make a positive difference.

Out of the 8+ billion people on Earth, only a tiny conscious portion – 2% – realize that every single person has the power to change the world. So, I urge you to GO MAD and make a difference today!

Take a stand and make sure your voice is heard in every single decision that affects you and everyone around you.

We are in the age of self-empowerment, and it starts with a single act.

Share your ideas and be part of the solution instead of just being a passive spectator.

Let’s make our world a better place by taking action and doing good today!

And remember – every single thought, word and deed has the power to change the world.

So let’s DOG POOP together!

Start small, with simple acts of kindness. Smile at strangers. Hold open doors for those behind you in line.

Offer up a kind word or two when out doing your daily errands. You never know how much your simple act of kindness will mean to someone.

And don’t forget – the more you give, the more you get back!

So spread joy, love and kindness wherever you go, and watch your world transform for the better.

When You internalize, use, and leverage Your Power You are MAD.

One person Doing Good influences another and another and another and WE create a Tsunami of Goodness.

Each ONE of us has the Power to influence for Good by Doing Good.

So the next time You see DOG POOP just SMILE and Think of Doing Good and SHARING Your insight with someone.

Let’s Make this world an Awesome Place with SMILE and JOY.  Let’s spread the MADness of Doing Good and Sharing LOVE.

Remember, SMILE stands for: Seeing Miracles In Life Every day and DOG POOP stands for: Doing Of Good Power Of One Person.

You cannot experience paralyzing stress, anxiety, depression, or suicidal thoughts when you generate wisdom rays of love from a conscious place.



In conclusion, let’s make this world a better place by taking action with JOY today! Spread positive vibes and be kind to all.

Learn to love DOG POOP, and remember that every single thought, word and deed has the power to change the world.

Smile at strangers, offer up a kind word or two, and watch your world transform for the better.

Let’s make a real difference in this beautiful world of ours, together!

Be MAD – Make A Difference today!

Remember to SMILE and LOVE DOG POOP from now through the New Year!

This small act could save countless lives. What a wonderful way to celebrate the holiday season!

Thank You for reading. Have an amazing day! 😊✨🌈😁💃☺️👏👍❤


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