31 01, 2022

Uniting Ancient Wisdom and Technology


Uniting Ancient Wisdom and Technology The Ambassador Of JOY, Barry Shore, is honored to Introduce You to one of the most remarkable people on the planet, today. Meet Mois Navon. Scholar, Engineer, Founding Member of Mobileye (TM) , designer of the EyeQ System on a Chip which is now installed in over 100 Million Cars worldwide and Saves [...]

Uniting Ancient Wisdom and Technology2022-02-26T07:33:13-08:00
23 11, 2021

Give Up Happiness With John Demartini


  Give up happiness. That is Dr. John Demartini’s message. John is one of the most celebrated world-renowned specialists in human behavior and considered one of the world’s leading authorities on leadership and entrepreneurialism. John joins Ambassador of JOY, Barry Shore, to share why you need to let go of immediate happiness and lean in to frustration to find [...]

Give Up Happiness With John Demartini2022-08-17T22:01:49-07:00
4 08, 2021

Hidden Entrepreneur With Josh Cary


  Each person holds so much potential and is capable of achieving so much more than they can imagine. It’s just a matter of becoming aware. Ambassador of JOY Barry Shore sits down with Josh Cary, co-founder of PodMAX and host of The Hidden Entrepreneur podcast. He inspires his audience to unmask themselves and excel in whatever they choose to do. Barry shares that [...]

Hidden Entrepreneur With Josh Cary2022-08-17T22:25:57-07:00


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