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The American Business Prosperity Plan 2023

The American Business Prosperity Plan 2023

Business Growth Strategies

Are you aware of the negative impacts this new administration is having on small businesses in America? People come to America for the American dream. The current administration has placed a moratorium on new regulations, which has put a significant strain on small businesses. In addition, the tax code is now more complicated and difficult to navigate, which makes it harder for small businesses to comply with the law. The current administration has also proposed a number of changes to the Affordable Care Act, which would make it more difficult for small businesses to provide health insurance to their employees. All of these factors combine to make it harder for small businesses to succeed in America. That’s why the famous entrepreneur Barnie Marcus started Job Creators Network, an organization that advocates for small businesses and entrepreneurship. Today we have Elaine who talks about how the current administration is affecting her small business. She also talks about the American business prosperity plan, strategic growth plan and the great opportunity project. 

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Show Notes:

[10.1] What is the Job Creators Network and Why Are You Doing It?

  • Job creators’ network is a national small business advocacy organization.
  • We’re founded by one of the greatest entrepreneurs:  Bernie Marcus.
  • When Bernie was 49 years old, he was fired from his job.
  • He was broken but he had an idea.
  • He knew this country was a land of opportunity.
  • He started Home Depot with two stores.
  • Now he does it today in over 2300 locations worldwide and employs over 500,000 associates.
  • He’s been out of Home Depot for 20 years now.
  • He dedicated his life to giving back and helping ordinary Americans through research and donations through his foundation.
  • He started Job Creators Network in 2010.
  • He felt like the government was breaking the backs of small businesses through high taxes.
  • We started to defend capitalism.
  • Because every big business started as a small business.

[15.22] The American Business Prosperity Plan

  • We realized that the big issue facing our economy, small businesses, and everyday ordinary Americans has been economic inflation and the cost of energy.
  • The money you bring home in our paycheck every week isn’t going as far.
  • We want to look at how congress approaches new regulations first for businesses.
  • Unfortunately, our government is doing a one-size-fits-all approach on everything including rules and regulations.
  • Regulations don’t hurt big businesses as much as they hurt small businesses.
  • We want to have a default setting that small businesses are automatically exempt from new rules and regulations.
  • Unless the congress does its work and proves that there will not be a disproportionate effect on our small businesses.

[22.00] Some insight from the book

  • Bernie is 93 years old and he’s amazing to talk to.
  • It’s not like he just has the vision, but he cares about people.
  • He understands he came from nothing.
  • He talks about how he was in a gang as a kid. It was being the gang or getting killed by the gang.
  • He wanted to go to medical school, but he needed to come up with ten thousand dollars.
  • He could not make it to medical school, but he started the largest autism institute in the country.

[34.37] The Great Opportunity Project

  • It’s really to nationalize the successes of policies that help people thrive and survive.
  • We did that because we looked at some of these states as we came out of the pandemic.
  • On which states were doing well and which not so well.
  • We couldn’t have people starving to death in addition to dealing with the pandemic.
  • The conservative policies lead to prosperity.
  • And educate them in that way that less government is better.

[36.00] One or two items from the GOP

  • We’re focused on supporting small businesses and improving our health care system
  • If you’re a community, you need to show up to those country commissioner meetings.
  • Focus on your world and communities.
  • Our local levels are so important for people to get involved in.

[42.21] Red Wave Coming

  • There’s a red wave coming and it’s going to be very consequential. What we see on November the 8th
  • Our CEO Alfredo Ortiz continues to predict that big story on Wednesday morning that the election is going to be the Hispanic vote
  • And actually, put us over and won the senate and the house for us.
  • It’s because Hispanics are leaving the democratic party in droves.
  • Hispanics are Republicans, they just don’t know that.

People are yearning to be free.

[50.49] Great American Dream

  • People come here for the American dreams
  • They don’t go to other places for some others.
  • They don’t go to Iran for the Iranian dreams.
  • There is nothing stronger than the United States of America’s founding vision.
  • This is a country built on giving.

[52.48] What JCN sees when it sees this abrogation of responsibility amongst people.

  • Since this administration has come in…
  • The worst thing a president has done is really kill the American work ethic.
  • Paying people to stay home.
  • Labor shortage that we’ve not seen in our lifetime.
  • And hurts the small businesses the most.
  • We are envious of the world. We are the hardest working country out there.
  • The policies under this administration have literally killed the American work ethics.
  • We need to get that back.

Insider Tips:

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  • Tell us about the Amazon Accelerate Conference?
  • What are the four key areas that were focused on that are critical to achieving your mission?
  • Were there any new innovations that were announced?
  • What are some of the different delivery options offered?
  • How can small businesses access digital resources to drive success?
  • Where can people go for more information?

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About Elaine Parker

Elaine Parker is the President of the Job Creators Network Foundation and the Chief Communications Officer of the Job Creators Network. In her roles, Elaine leads a seasoned communications team to educate people about some of the most important aspects of the American government and economy—especially as they pertain to small business.

To do so, Elaine regularly talks with federal lawmakers on pursuing policies that will help small businesses and appears in the media. She is a frequent guest on nationally syndicated radio shows and major television networks like Fox News. And her writings regularly appear in prominent online and print publications—including the Orlando Sentinel, Florida Sun Sentinel, Washington Examiner, The Hill,, and the Orange County Register.